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  1. Strangei I have Opera browser as well. I made IE as default browser & restart ip and agent.exe but nothing changed. http://forum.immunet.com/index.php?/topic/610-scan-now-disabled/
  2. Science born from tries, I tested yours (long ago) so test mine.
  3. Well there's some anti-firewall articles out there as well. When I bought my first computer I installed Zone Alarm, it keeps alerting me about prevented severe attacks each day. Then I refer to some experienced guys around and stop using it now where did those every day severe attacks go? It's not luck, there's two way your computer being attacked 1. Via web (especially if you use IE) 2. exe,msi,bat etc. Use Opera without java, use adblocker like ad muncher to prevent popups, never open suspected exe files before upload to virustotal, that's all.
  4. I haven't use any firewall for 8 years & not got single attack. If you use Opera without java and don't execute any unknown exe (that's all a home user need I think) then you never got stolen any accounts.
  5. I excluded Immunet from Avira & I have no firewall but problem persist. I sent a SDT report to support@immunet.com
  6. I have xp sp3 with Avira Antivir only installed. When ı click scan I get message "service is not running" Actually service is running, iptray and agent is running as well. I uninstalled the product go to safe mode and use Immunet Protect Removal Tool then reinstall but problem continues.
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