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  1. The only problem I am having is that the visible Network computer, which is WHS 2011, is not accessible. Also, prior to installing your software, I had mapped a drive on my Win 7 PC to a shared folder on WHS 2011. That also is not accessible. UPDATE ON 12-17-2011 You can consider my issue resolved. Under 'Protection Exclusions', I added 'D:\ServerFolders' as an exclusion and all is well. 'ServerFolders' is the Network folder name I chose when I installed WHS 2011. For completeness, I am also running Drive Bender and Threatfire.
  2. Cannot access Network drives on Windows Home Sever 2011 AFTER installing Immunet 3.05. My server never had any previous versions of Immunet installed. This sounds like one of the issues encountered by Danforth. I de-intalled Immunet 3.05 and there are no more issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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