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  1. I, alongside many well researched and security minded folk here, use Bufferzone pro. If I had to choose between av and BZ, bz would win. However, I shouldn't need to make that choice. But, I think there may be compatibility issues between the two, since much of the install is in docs and settings, which I delete monthly anyway volutarily or other wise. Also, there may be background upgrading and storage into this area, meaning BZ will put into this virtual, disposable area, and confusing area, rather than into the immunet directory. don't care what they are teaching you. Never design a program that puts settings and install into a disposable area. Backing up into this area is okay, but don't rely on the registry or docs and setting to be present on next boot! ---experienced PC user.
  2. Does turning on Clam AV slow an old computer? Does clam work in realtime? Does it slow bootup? I noticed a ugprade installer conflict with BufferZone PRo. When I upgraded, several services were installed in bufferzone. This caused several identical services to run at boot, causing machine to not boot properly.
  3. I tried installing on downstairs computer after installing on upstairs. No luck on second machine. says "unexpected error" Is this because using two machines and same ip?
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