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  1. smiles

    Browser Protection

    Maybe you look into partnering with Clearcloud in providing brower protection from bad urls (blacklisted).
  2. smiles

    Management Console

    What I mean is a central location to log in (desktop or web) to view all of my installations or "my community" PCs; maybe even display all of the communities I am connected with. I believe a console would helpful in viewing what versions or releases of Immunet are in stalled in my community and the ability to initiate an update if needed for some reason. All in all, a kinda big brother feature or app for my community.
  3. smiles

    Management Console

    I'd like to see a basic management console for the free version and a more advanced one for the Pro version.
  4. I have noticed, along with other, that as I add more people to my community my protection factor sometimes decreases. Can this be correct or is this a defect?
  5. How would you rate this against ClearCloud?
  6. Great idea, seems that would help increase a user's protection factor by increasing the size of his/her community.
  7. What is the difference between Immunet 3.0 and ClamAV 3.0, or is it the same product?
  8. I agree with some that for marketing purposes that Immunet has better ring and look to it. I've had some users think that they have been infected when they see the ClamAV icon in the tray (much like the old CA etrust green globlin), so this would put some minds at ease. To answer the other question yes it was because of the ClamAV brand recognition. Change is good!
  9. To make sure I am applying the fix correctly...what am I renaming the drh.dll file to?
  10. I'm having this same issue. Running Windows 7 Ent. and ClamAv I receive the unknown error when trying to setup a schedule scan job, my account is an administrator on the system. 2nd instance today on 2 different computers, any ideas?
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