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    I was just thinking about since Immunet is very lightweight, and doesn't make a very big impact on your system, it would make a good portable application for something like USB drive. It would be nice having a antivirus that could fit on USB stick, without having to worry about keeping it up to date with the latest definitions all the time.
  2. Ok, thanks! I do hope they fix this problem though.
  3. Ok, there are five threats detected on my computer, that weren't picked up by Microsoft Security Essentials (either they're false positives, or Immunet is doing it's job). But the thing is, when they're detected I get a pop-up message saying they were, and that they were quarantined successfully. But when I go and look in the quarantine section, it says that the quarantine failed. I don't know what to make of this really. I have Windows 7, and is it possible that the UAC is blocking the agent to move the files into quarantine? Or is there another problem?
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