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  1. it seems that none of developer does not visit this forum for a long time
  2. Today I tried to download from the Internet immunet removal tool based on this instructions. I get ... see attachment immunet detected tool as a virus ...
  3. Hi ritchie58 Unfortunately in my country still does not work PayPal
  4. rade

    Mrg Tests

    if you purchased a license through the website immunet tell me how?I simply can not buy a license....imunnnet by licence
  5. operating system is windows 7 64 bit So I tried all, IE9,chrome,firefox,K-meleon,opera,QtWeb,maxton,...older and newer versions,java 32bit,64 bit,older and newer versions...and will not. I used Shadow Defender turned on before installing. Sandboxie and Ad muncher disabled(stopped services)and windows firewall disabled(stopped services). Are there any ideas for a solution?
  6. Hi all I wanted to buy a license,and whenever I try to continue the procedure of purchase see photo attached. thanks
  7. excellent result of this test. Single Product Flash Test – Sourcefire Immunet Plus, December 2011 For me this is completely unknown program.
  8. Best wishes and Happy Holidays all members of this interesting community
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