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  1. Didn't received any response from Immunet support either. This is getting on my nerves.
  2. Thanks for answering Ritchie. Now using Free version with updated clamav virus definitions.
  3. Hello, since Immunet is not answering my email, I will not buy a new license until the issues(issues with others also) are fixed. For now, how can I get my immunet back to free version? Thanks! Patrick
  4. ^I tried that already Sir. Seems like the only option for now is to disable the monitor program install. I hope the developers can fix this soon.
  5. Hello! I've found a new bug with regards to agent.exe. I ended the process of agent.exe to stop the update of clamAV(there's no button to stop the update. If you click the Close button and re-opened the updater, still the program is updating.) After I end the agent.exe process and re-opened Immunet 3.0, there's a bug in settings that you can't save any configs! As in if you clicked apply, and reopen the settings, you're settings has not been applied by Immunet. There's a message box telling that you this: You need to restart/log-off and logon into your PC again to get this working. Please look into this. More power to Immunet! Regards, Patrick
  6. Preparing to send an email to the support team. Found 3 bugs so far and 1 false positive.
  7. UPDATE: So I disabled the "Monitor Program Install" options in settings and so far I'm having no problems. Seems like Immunet is too aggressive. Of course, I don't want to disable that option even when I'm doing my work so please developers, look into this. MORE DETAILS: - The error only occurs when the program tries to delete a file, create a file, compile scripts and import a new file. Patrick
  8. OOPS, still having some problems eventhough I set Immunet to gaming mode.
  9. Okay, after searching, I'm not the only one who's having the same problem. But setting Immunet to GAME MODE will solve this culprit. This is a thread from the Unity community: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/114047-Fatal-Error-Database-or-Disk-is-Full Though, setting Immunet to game mode is still not a good way, I think it is better to fix this problem. Hoping for the best. Regards, Patrick
  10. The reason why I moved from F-Secure IS to Immunet Protect 3.0 is because Immunet offers less memory usage. And that's a HUGE plus for programmers like me. Problem is, Immunet blocks file access of the program named Unity 3d. Here's a sample. I'm pretty sure that it's Immunet that causing the problem. Why? Because I disabled the Protection and the Tetra detection engine. After that, no problems encountered. I still have 13 days before the trial expires. I want this AV because it suits my needs and I'm testing it out because I want to buy a license soon(if everthing goes fine). Please fix this. If there's anything I can do to help, I'm willing to. Regards, Patrick
  11. ^Where to see the diagnostics? Will send the qrt file to support team asap.
  12. Yep. This concern needs to get to the developers.
  13. Tried that, but still detects it as a virus. Anyways, my main point is, Immunet DELETED the FILE permanently. What if it is a .doc file or a very important file for others, they might not recover it.
  14. ^Yes it is. Thank you. Will continue reporting issues if found to help this AV become better. Regards, Patrick
  15. Is this normal? My community keeps on asking me to accept these invitations but I already clicked accept and submit numerous time. Here's the screenshot. Regards, Patrick
  16. Hello, As a programmer myself, I need to use the full power of my laptop. And also, if I am creating an application (similar to a keylogger but not actually a keylogger per se), I need to create it w/o immunet bugging me and telling me that it is a virus. So I need atleast to stop immunet. It is kinda really a pain in the ass(for me) to change each of immunet settings to false. I just want to have a 1-click button or a function to stop immunet protection. It would be great if Immunet also allows stopping it's protection let's say, an hour or 5 mins. I mean you can set a duration if how long will immunet suspends is protection. Anyway, this is just a suggestion. Hope this will create an idea for the developers. Regards, Patrick
  17. Teracopy is a file copying program. You can download and check it here: http://download.cnet.com/TeraCopy/3000-2248_4-10671835.html?tag=mncol;1 Here's the screenshot of immunet quarantine: Immunet says that teracopy.exe is a W32.SHEATH.COHORS.SEP.2777FD. Hope immunet will fix this soon. Regards, Patrick
  18. Hello, I have here a file which I use for gaming. It is actually a hot key, inventory a+ is the name. Immunet failed to restore this file but I'm pretty sure that it is only a false-positive. I've attached a screenshot. I'm using this app for a long time. F-secure didn't report any. I'd love to give you a copy of the file but immunet deleted it already. It keeps on blocking it even if I added the file in the exclusion list. Really annoys me. Hope to get it fixed soon.
  19. I've PM'd you guys. Don't hesitate to pm me and add me up to your commmunity!
  20. trickpirata

    Cloud Firewall

    Just wanted to re-up this thread. Is Immunet gonna make this possible? If immunet wants to compete with panda cloud(which has now have an firewall), immunet should make this happen.
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