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  1. I regularly check that website and I saw that immunet has an impressive history of test results. When I saw the last results I decided to purchase a license. Great product! Keep on the good work!
  2. I'm also experiencing a high load on cpu when running a full scan (my system almost freezes during a scan). But also when I'm not running a full scan, but when the tetra engine is enabled, and clamav and blocking mode disabled. So I was wondering: if a virus is detected on someone else's pc (and that person runs immunet plus having tetra enabled), will a threat detected by tetra be added to the threat patterns that spero and ethos use so the immunet free users will be protected as well from that threat? If that is the case, I will consider to use only the spero and ethos engines for realtime protection and disable tetra and clam. Thanks in advance.
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