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  1. Thanks number007 for the information and welcome to the forum. The issue you described was indeed a false positive caused by a previous ClamAV definition update. This has since been remedied and updating to the latest definitions for the ClamAV detection engine solves the issue. Jason
  2. Hi Keri, I'm sorry for the delay in responding to your issues. I will be available this weekend to answer your questions as I do understand you've had to wait for a response. I've emailed you back with additional information so please reply to me there at your earliest convenience. Thanks, Jason
  3. Hi skokospa, What browser and version are you attempting to make the purchase with. I've tried this with the latest versions of both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and the Continue Purchase button is working for me. Thanks, Jason
  4. Hi congaman59, The Immunet Protect product is designed to be low impact and shouldn't be affecting your laptop in the way you describe. A significant amount of testing goes into each release but as I'm sure you can appreciate, it's difficult to capture every possible user configuration. If you want to PM me your issues or email us at support@immunet.com and the version you've been using, I'd be happy to see if we can work through them. We've had some changes lately in our support staffing so if you've already contacted the support line, please let me know the day you did and I'll track down your information. Thanks, Jason Immunet Support
  5. Thanks Chris for the constructive criticism on our product. Although I've only recently started with the team here, I know they've been working hard to increase the efficiency and capabilities of the Immunet Protect product. In your post, you mentioned items such as length time for a full scan as well as CPU usage issues. Was this with the latest version of Immunet Protect? If not, I invite you to try it again as a number of issues have been addressed in the last year that might be pertinent to your situation. Please feel free to reach out to me directly by private message if you have any other concerns you'd like to discuss. Cheers, Jason
  6. Hi Ritchie, It looks like the link was shortened by mistake. I've adjusted the original link and it should allow you to download the new version correctly now. Thanks, Jason
  7. Hi Seth, I've looked through our support packages from January 19 and can't seem to find any record of yours. If you still have it available, can you please email it to support@immunet.com. Cheers, Jason
  8. Hi kik, Sorry you've been having issues with contacting Immunet Support. We've been actively training new members (myself included) and you should see us more often on the forums. In regards to your issues with rootkit scans, could you please generate a support package for me using the System Diagnostic Tool (download here) and email it to support@immunet.com. It will help us diagnose the issue you're having. Cheers, Jason
  9. Hi Seth, Sorry you've been having troubles after updating to version 3.0.5. To better diagnose your issue, could I please have you use the systems diagnostic tool (instructions can be found here) to generate a support package and email it to support@immunet.com. This will help us to diagnose and determine the next steps towards resolving your issue. Cheers, Jason
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