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  1. Hi! I'm a Clam AV user. Liked that it was open source, usually pirate "teh new hotness" but felt like giving her a go. Got it installed and get this error message (Win7) "You Can Not Scan at This Time" (interesting use of capital letters!) Please restart this service yada yada. Anyway, turn to Google. Type that sucker in, get this thread. Now this is a bit of a pissoff, some guy's testing something, screws up. Other guy get's confused and it's at the top of Google. Dear Clam AV, you need a PR person. Let me write it in. Or hire someone, I dunno, dashing. Anyway, so it doesn't work... looked into what it is, virus definition update tool. So it goes on the internet and asks everyone what a virus is then fixes it, cool! But I didn't find like a website with a little app or a howto on how to get it started up. Sad and a little scary, anyway someone can log in here and just post a link to the fix. Wish I coulda found it. Toodles.
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