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  1. how to get the direct download links for files (not the downloader) the real installers for 32/64 bit
  2. So have found out the direct download link for the installer just run the bootstrap downloader in wine and look at the debug messages at the commadline and ou will find out the downlaod link for the full installer. actually for the 3.0.6 its https://sourcefire-apps.s3.amazonaws.com/av/protect/latest/installer-en-us-32-tcp.exe https://sourcefire-apps.s3.amazonaws.com/av/protect/latest/installer-en-us-64-tcp.exe thx Mario
  3. yes there should be an offline installer it is downloaded by the bootstrap installer i think the only thing i need to find out is how the bootstrapper finds out the downlodlink for the installer oftopic: have not taken a look at fireAMP but 70% of the companies employies are always on road they just come every 1-2 months to the department (for computer service) so a server based malware system would not work i think
  4. you may remember that i have asked for some working silent uninstall switches a while ago. For a Company the offline installers are the only way to deploy the software in a big network it would be waste of bandwide if every computer in the network will download the package. so the request for the links for a offline installer thx in av Mario http://git.disconnected-by-peer.at/go-opsi/sourcefire.immunet/
  5. Hallo Immuneters, What is the Download link to the the 2 (32/64) install packages for immunet. in the 3.0.5 version it was http://download.immunet.com/binaries/immunet/bin/protect-en-us-${VERSION}-32-tcp.exe but this link is not working for is there a update.xml or a site that contains te new links. thx Mario Fetka
  6. yes it helped and now i am shure the silent uninstall is not working with opsi i had to create a autoit script that is doing a normal uninstall with gui http://jira.disconnected-by-peer.at/browse/GOPSI-31 thx for your help Mario p.s. now add license key setting and get rid of all the devel dos boxes in the package
  7. as you can see here the uninstall.exe is started and is done 1sec later [5] [20.02.2012 08:53:09] Execution of Winbatch_uninstall_32 [6] [20.02.2012 08:53:09] Call ""C:\Programme\Immunet\3.0.5\uninstall.exe" /S" [6] [20.02.2012 08:53:09] Waiting until the called process is finished [6] [20.02.2012 08:53:10] ExitCode 0 Executed process ""C:\Programme\Immunet\3.0.5\uninstall.exe" /S" [6] [20.02.2012 08:53:10] [6] [20.02.2012 08:53:10] ~~~~~~~ Start Sub ~~~~~~~ sub_check_exitcode [5] [20.02.2012 08:53:10] comment: Test for installation success via exit code and a litte later in the log the install is not possibel because its still not uninstalled [5] [20.02.2012 08:53:11] Execution of Winbatch_install_32 [6] [20.02.2012 08:53:11] Call ""P:\immunet\X86\protect-en-us-" /S" [6] [20.02.2012 08:53:11] Waiting until the called process is finished [6] [20.02.2012 08:53:13] ExitCode 1638 Executed process ""P:\immunet\X86\protect-en-us-" /S" [6] [20.02.2012 08:53:13] [6] [20.02.2012 08:53:13] ~~~~~~~ Start Sub ~~~~~~~ Sub_check_exitcode [5] [20.02.2012 08:53:13] comment: Test for installation success via exit code [5] [20.02.2012 08:53:13] [5] [20.02.2012 08:53:13] Set $ExitCode$ = getLastExitCode [6] [20.02.2012 08:53:13] The value of the variable "$ExitCode$" is now: "1638"
  8. We are trying to integrate the immunetprotect as a opsi package But we came across a big problem of the uninstall.exe: The Uninstall.exe is spawning a process and exits witch results in a problem with the install directly running after the uninstall the install exits with "product already installed" because the uninstall hasn't finshed yet because the opsi system checks if the the uninstall program is still running and waits the second issue is: How can we add the serial n.r. to the silent install commandline switch to the installer exe or is there a xml token to modify in local.xml here the link to the immunet opsi package sources http://git.disconnected-by-peer.at/go-opsi/immunet/ thx for your help in av Mario
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