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  1. good idea indeed, allowing users to customize wouldn't be bad at all
  2. I haven't heard about PCanywhere in a ve-he-he-ry long while, I am surprised that someone took the time to actually hack it, but then again maybe I don't keep up with everything as much as I like to think I do. Speaking of PCanywhere though, has anyone heard about Audials Anywhere? There have been rumors going on about it lately and I couldn't help but notice the resemblance between these 2. I'd be curious to find out what this Audials Anywhere actually does, but everything I could find on the internet was related to Audials software..and not too much about the actual "Anywhere" part.
  3. is there really no way to check who has viewd your profile?
  4. well I can understand someone falling for another person without actually meeting them in real life but getting to that point when you actually transfer large sums of money is something else. It's sad that people fall for this kind of stuff.
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