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  1. Please: might there be, in the future, an Immunet Protect for Linux? (Previous discussion on this subject is lost.)
  2. One of the things that's now missing is a discussion about Immunet for Linux. I can't recall what was said, and I seem to have no cached copy I'll re-post.
  3. At http://www.immunet.com/privacy/index.html I understand that at some time in the future, collection of documents and other non-executable files may begin. When this significant change occurs: a) will the software announce the change to any/all users of the computer on which Immunet Protect is installed; and will the software request explicit consent from each user? I'm not concerned about collection of executables, but broader collections — including possibly personal or confidential data — will warrant a review of things. (For as long as it's not clear to me how the future change will be implemented, for all installations of 2.0 I opt to not send files to the cloud.) Thanks
  4. Was any of the community content in the Get Satisfaction area preserved by Immunet? I was seeking, for example How are macro viruses detected? and how to remove? I have cached copies of some of the items that interested me, e.g. http://www.diigo.com/cached?url=http%3A%2F%2Fcommunity.immunet.com%2Fimmunet%2Ftopics%2Fhow_are_macro_viruses_detected_and_how_to_remove%23reply_2160091 so personally I'm not bothered by the loss. Just wondering what happened to it. Thanks
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