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  1. I am still awaiting update or suggestions. I STILL have no/minimal AV on 2 devices. I am not happy with the compromise of security in our user population. Please can you expedite and escalate. Regards Keri
  2. Ritchie Refering to my problem Case #7823 - "BUG : Lost License Key And Immunet Not Running" - is this a set of actions that I should attempt as well? It seems strange that a key should just disappear and not be able to be re-entered. I note that the agent.exe is running at a very low assigned memory value - less than 2Mb - this is much lower than previously.IS this because of the reduced functionality now available? To do complete re-installs in our environment would be very irritating. We have 6 devices running Immunet and are migrating more, many of them are laptops and are seldom available for software attention. It would require a special trip to the office to install. I am awaiting further guidance from Immunet before issuing a "recall" to my users.
  3. Thanks for the response. I can confirm exactly the same behaviour on another of the machines that runs Windows 7 Starter SP1. It too is now no longer running in Plus mode. Both machines are running in single user mode after complete restart. Neither has multiple copies of the agent or IPTray service running. Both show the exact behaviour from the screenshots that I sent through. Neither of the devices is blocked from the internet, and neither has other security software running except for the details provided in the bug submission - Defender and Windows FW. On a third device - a brand-new install seems to be behaving the same way. Evidence for a bug seems more likely. The first two machines have been running Immunet Plus for about 6-7 months. The third is a new install as Norton and McAfee are de-commissioned in our environment. Regards Keri
  4. This one started today - everything had been running previously. In broad terms, Immunet is now no longer running in "Plus" mode, I have no license key showing and I am unable to re-import my license key because "immunet is not running" even though the Immunet tray service and Agent service are running in my Task manager. I am running Immunet on Windows Vista SP2. I am not running any other AV product. I use the Windows Defender and Windows Firewall in addition to Immunet. I will send screenshots of the task manager, Immunet client and the SDT to support when I have submitted. Timing couldn't be worse - as I just recommended that a client move his AV to Immunet... sigh! Bugs happen eh? Regards Keri
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