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  1. Any update on a Windows 8 compatible version?
  2. I know this is supposed to be for Immunet issues and not website's, but I didn't find any better place to post it. I've just edited a private message and realized the textarea got rid of all carriage returns and/or line feeds (further referred as CRLFs) so the text appeared as jam-packed. I've reinserted the characters and previewed the message and, although the preview was showing the right structure, the textarea got rid of CRLFs again! Then I thought it could be that the textarea doesn't care showing CRLFs, but pressing preview again (no reinserting CRLFs this time) showed the jam-packed text... The problem must then be related when transferring the posted text to the textarea or some other obscure processing. I'm using Google Chrome 17.0.963.56 (up to date) on Windows 7. I must also note that I don't have this problem when editing forum post. This is specific to PM editing. This is not an important issue, but I thought you would like to know.
  3. Got some numbers!!! (I really don't understand how I've missed them before...) Link to the thread (Satisfaction board) Even if that answer is 1 year old, I guess the traffic is way under 500mb (sounds silly now hahaha!). From what I understand, reaching 10mb in a month would be surprising! So I'll install and recommend with no fear as soon as... I get some sleep (zZzZzZzz....) Thanks again for the help!
  4. Thanks for fast reply! I'm not really concerned by speed, but by the amount of data uploaded and downloaded. From what you are saying I understand that's not huge, but some numbers would be welcomed... I guess it depends on usage, but I plan to use it pretty much like you do: Flash Scan daily + Full scan monthly or when "needed". By month, would you say it can use over 500mb by itself? And for the community, I was planning to add most of my close friends and family members. I was just wondering if there was specific issues/advantages to have a big community. I'm happy to see there is no visible impact (except spreading the word and helping!) Oh! And thanks for the warm welcome! I'll definitely send you a PM once I set this up!
  5. Hello! I discovered Immunet few days ago and I have read a lot of information on it. The concept seems quite interesting, if not revolutionizing. However, I can't find answers to one question: How much bandwith does Immunet is using? I live in Canada where the bandwith is (quite) limited and I don't want to install Immunet and share with friends if it takes too much bandwith :/ Also, I was wondering what impact having a big community would have on bandwith. Oh! And an extra question I was unsure about it: Does having a quite small community (let say fewer than 5 members) have any consequence on the protection brought by Immunet? Ok, I know, that's three questions, but I don't think you'll mind (and if so, I hope three different people will answer to three different questions ). Thanks in advance!
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