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  1. As I was in vacation and offline, I can't thank you earlier for your answers, Ritchie and Chipo. I had not understand earlier that Immunet Free powered by ClamAV ... could only work online (using the Immunet cloud) as described by http://www.immunet.com/plus/compare/index.html . So, the offline installer for Immunet Free is no longer needed. I probably have to use ClamWin instead. Regards.
  2. I already use ClamAV for some Linux computers on an offline network. I have some Windows computers too on this network. I would like to use the free version of Immunet on Windows and I would like to keep the version up-to-date. Do you plan to publish an full offline installer of Immunet in the future ? Is there a easy way to legally download the full offline installer from the published bootstrap installer ? Thanks.
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