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  1. I received the email. I then used old key and it worked. I think the key IS the issue, or its just coincidence that it starting working today, after changing it back to that key from a working one. We can still go through the effort of sharing my desktop again, if that would help you. I suspect the problem is some kind of flag that key being used got into. The error "key cannot be validated at this time" during the entire issue of this error, and that's gone now, and the program works not as a free version but full again. I believe an interface to control user keys would be an advantage to address this type of issue in the future. If i can be of assistance let me know. Problem solved.
  2. I have done that also. Thanks for the advice to email support. Sure wish i could get a temporary key till this gets resolved. Oh well. I emailed support@immunet.com earlier, another email probably won't help at this point. But thanks again.
  3. I could use any help i can get. Just want the software i bought, and used, for almost a month to work, and not revert to the free version. Thanks anyways. kinda the same response i get when calling. They give me another number to call, and when i call that number, (starting Friday morning) I've gotten 0 response, so if i seem a little frustrated, your probably correct.
  4. I called again and the answer is after calling Friday no callback, Sat, no callback, today i was told no callback till monday. So i guess 24-7 support does not include problems with Key. too bad i could'nt get a temp key after proving I payed. Thank you.
  5. I have subscription to immunet for 2 years 3 PC's. I called Friday morning, no solution. After trying many things and even sharing my desktop with Immunet technitians. I used another key from another payed subscription and VIOLA! it was working. So i am curious, after 3 days of waiting and after being asked to wait yet another day with no virus protection. I wanted to go somewhere else for s virus tool. I just wanted to find out if i was the only one with this issue. and so this is the bases for my post. Comon' Immunet, I want to cheer you on, not fight to get validation for my software that i payed for.
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