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  1. Hello Millard, I tried your suggestion as well but ended up with the exact same script errors so unfortunately that didn't help. I did however send the 3 quarantined files so hopefully I can at least find out if they are important/necessary. Gregg
  2. Hi Keith, I submitted the diagnostic dump just a minute or so ago and unfortunately I have tried reloading it a few different ways including running as admin, compatability mode(tried all settings) tried running it directly from the executable, uninstalled the free version and reinstalled the full trial but regardless of how I launch it, the same script errors happen and then it's completely unresponsive and I can only go into task manager and kill it from there or shutdown/reboot. Gregg
  3. Hello, I hope someone here can help me... I installed immunet alongside my Avast due to a "bot" email from Comcast and I ran the scanner overnight when I came back this morning it showed that 3 items had been quarantined. The first one that came up was a game that I play and know without question is not infected so I tried to unquarantine but I got an error that popped up telling me there was a script error.... Line:28 Char:7 Error:Permission Denied Code:0 URL: res://drh.dll/#6307 when I click to clear either option does the same and pops another script error...Line:3 Char:1 Error: Unable to get the property 'create':null Object is null or undefined URL: res://drh.dll/#6289 and one more after that..... Line:28 Char:13 Error:Unable to get value of the property 'setup' object is null or undefined Code:0 URL: res://drh.dll/IDR_HTML_FILEHISTORY I have verified that windows defender is disabled at the services level and that I have added exceptions for both Avast and Immunet so that there are no cross conflicts but am still unable to access the quarantine to restore the files and I have no idea what the other two are at the moment because of the inability to access. I am running windows 7 home premium with all updates. I'm not sure offhand what else if anything you need for additional information but if needed I will be happy to supply further as necessary. Thanks in advance for your assistance. Gregg
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