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  1. Thanks everyone. Yes the add exception from the quarantine works. I found you have to make an exception for the directory AND the binary. Then it works and the serializer binary doesn't get quarantined. I think I understand the logic. If you just make an exception for the directory, if someone puts an infected file inside that directory after it has been excepted, then the file inside might not get quarantined. If you do just the file in the directory, the other files in that directory might be infected. Interesting....
  2. On Immunet.Plus 3.0 it is difficult to see the Product Settings pop up window. I cannot make that pop up window bigger. It would be a nice feature to make that window larger so I can see all the settings easier. For example, when I added the Protection Exclusions, the paths are so long that it does a wrap around to the next line. If I could make the window wider, it would be more clearer.
  3. I am using the fully paid version of Immunet.Plus 3.0 on a Windows server 2003 (32 bit) It is my main file and binary server. We have an agreement with Adobe which allows us to install their Master collection suite on various machines using a program called a serializer. This program is valid and was given to us directly from Adobe. This serializer generates the license code and registers the software with Adobe. The problem I am having is that the Quarantine agent keeps quarantining the serializer executable. We know it is legitimate and not a trojan. It detects it as a Clam.Trojan.Agent-260901. I try to put it into the Protection Exclusions list under Settings, but it keeps on quarantining the files. Is there a fix or a way to prevent the quarantining of this file? Thanks, Bruce
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