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  1. Unfortunately, there's no change. When I got back from work there was Agent.exe again with over 50MB/s of disk activity. ISS Proventia is stopped / disabled, so it's probably not the cause. I ran the SDT (before stopping Immunet service) and sent the files via email (Subject is the same as thread title). Regards, Danilo
  2. I tried no. 1 and no. 2, but it didn't make much of difference. No. 3 is a bit trickier. I completely forgot that I had to install 'ISS Proventia Desktop' because it's required by one of my employers in relation with Cisco VPN client - I'm not allowed to connect without it. I added it's folder 'I:\Program Files\ISS\' to Immunet's exclusion list. Unfortunately the ISS Proventia version I've been given and have to use is locked-down, so I can't change any settings. I can stop it's agent and exit the 'console' - which I did so we'll see how it goes tomorrow. Regards, Danilo
  3. I'm having the same (or very similar) issue with Immunet (Plus) I have a daily full scan scheduled at 2:00 AM, so that there should be enough time before I get back from work (typically after 5PM. When get home and start using the machine it's very slow and there is 'a lot' of disc activity by Agent.exe. After I stop / restart the service (net stop immunetprotect) the machine almost immediately becomes normally responsive. Regards, Danilo
  4. Good morning, here's what I did: 1. installed Immunet Plus (trial) in 'Safe Mode with Networking' 2. rebooted into 'normal mode' resulting in BSOD 3. rebooted back into 'Safe Mode with Networking' 4. ran the 'Support Diagnostics Tool' 5. sent the resulting ZIP file to support@immunet.com Hopefully this will do. Danilo
  5. I just tried it again with 'free' version - makes no difference, but the initial BSOD is a bit different then the one I get after rebooting: D.
  6. Hi, after using AVG Free and Avira for a while I decided to try Immunet Plus. However the installation failed with a BSOD. After rebooting the machine the BSOD re-appeared while XP was loading (actually - it was a Green-ish Screen Of Death): I was able to boot into safe mode, but Immunet has not yet been completely installed, so I started the installation again (while in safe mode) and it completed. However, booting in normal mode still didn't work (same BSOD), so it was back to safe mode to uninstall. Now the machine works (without AV). Running Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3 (32bit, English) on an Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 with 2GB of memory. If you need more info I'd be happy to help. D.
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