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  1. Hi, Could you say me where did you get the offline installer? thanks
  2. Hi ritchie, yes those installers worked for me, thanks again. By fortune, the last version works very well
  3. Hi, when you run the installer it downloads the full package in a temp folder (the file is protect.exe) Greetings
  4. Hi ritchie, yes 32bit installer worked fine. Thanks again.
  5. Hi, I need a link for the offline installer for version The last version of Immunet Protect doesn´t work well to me (Support can't help me). Could somebody help me?
  6. Hi sweidre, I've been waiting for almost a month for a solution. In recent days I have been asking for an earlier version, but nobody could give me a link. Agente.exe is disconnecting from internet constantly. As you understand, if Immunet doesn't work, I don't want it installed. Greetings
  7. Finally, after nearly a month with this problem, I uninstalled Immunet Protect. I don't want a program that is not working for me. Thanks for nothing.
  8. No one can give me a link to the file from Immunet servers?
  9. Immunet Protect uninstalled, agent.exe is disconnecting from internet continuously.
  10. Nobody has the offline installer for version (when you run Immunet setup, it downloads the full installer) Last version of Immunet Protect doesn´t work well to me. If I can´t get an older version I must uninstall it, because the scaner doesn´t work.
  11. Thank you very much. From what I see, my only option is to uninstall Immunet protect and wait for a new version.
  12. Hi, I need a link to download Immunet Protect Latest version ( doesn´t work for me. It´s disconnecting from internet all the time, so I want to install an older version. Thanks
  13. Hi sweidre, I understand you now. Kaspersky has an automatic mode too, but I´ve deactivated it, so Kis is in interactive mode. Greetings
  14. Hi sweidre, I did not understand what you've written. Kaspersky lets you to exclude programs and files from his control (exclusion list). I´ve the Immunet folder, agent.exe and iptray.exe in Kaspersky exclusions too. Greetings
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