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  1. Hey Ritchie, Unfortunately I can't add much to what Brian has stated above, but I can say that the general roadmap we have already outlined will not be changing drastically any time soon (in fact when things do begin to change, it will be gradually). For the next couple of months or so, business will remain as usual. Thanks, - Francis
  2. Hi Thiago, Yes indeed, Immunet is free for anyone and everyone to use (including corporations). Welcome to the community! - Francis P.S. I'm moving this Topic into the General Forum which is a better suited location for this type of inquiry
  3. Hello, Sorry about the delay on this one. One of our support members will (if they haven't already) reach out to you with some information on how to go about this. For future reference to anyone else in this same situation, please send an email to support@immunet.com. Thanks so much, - Francis
  4. Hi spywar, I can assure you that Immunet hasn't died and that the next release will be coming later this year, although it will still be in the 3 range rather than 4, version wise. Thanks, - Francis
  5. You could also think about signing up as an affiliate. More details here.
  6. Basically yes, and that's already in place which is the reason the community feature in the UI doesn't serve any additional purpose.
  7. I don't believe that it is possible. On the bright side, we're actually headed towards of complete removal of the community feature as it doesn't serve any real purpose anymore, so it hopefully won't matter for much longer.
  8. Yes, unfortunately English is the only language that fully supports Immunet's latest build. All other language options will download the 2.0 version.
  9. Unfortunately not. When you perform an uninstall and select "No" when prompted if you're going to install again, the agent nukes all of those .db and .xml files for you, so when you do re-install you're getting fresh copies of those files created once more.
  10. Sorry that I still don't have a resolution for this one, but we do have the issue logged and most likely it will be fixed in the next major release. Thanks for your patients in the mean time!
  11. Hi guys, This is actually an odd issue. Usually when we used to see this error it's due to some resource contention between the agent and the iptray. The both try to lock onto the local.xml and both fail (this can lead to a corrupted xml file). In this case, a simple re-install of Immunet (clearing out the xmls) or even just a plain old computer restart can do the trick. The other way we've seen this is if you have multiple instances of the iptray running (for instance if you're logging into your computer using multiple users and starting the tray in more than one of these accounts), then the tray can't lock into the xml either. However, a simple restart will fix this issue as well. What makes this odd is that Immunet hasn't been updated in a little while (no code changes to the tray or agent), and yet I've suddenly started seeing more instances of this issue appear. We're currently looking into it now, but xonz, could you email me at support@immunet.com and link this thread. I'd like to get you a logging build that will hopefully help us debug the issue and get a fix out for it right away. Thanks, - Francis
  12. Absolutely! If Immunet is currently running for you without any issues than you have nothing to worry about.
  13. Hey guys, We actually aren't releasing a new version of the agent just yet. What you're seeing is the version number of the installer, of which we've just released a new version that addresses some fixes that take place during installation. We'll be sure to post an update in the announcement section as soon as the new agent is ready to go. Thanks, - Francis
  14. There aren't any other ranks for normal forum users.
  15. Francis


    Hi Ryuusei, I'll be honest, I'm not completely sure if we do support this or not. I'll be looking into this however, and it's definitely a great idea if we don't already. Thanks, - Francis
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