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  1. Thank you. Please let me know if you have any questions or have any new information you would like to see added.
  2. Hello, I've written an article that explains How to Report Malware or False Positives to Multiple Antivirus Vendors. I apologize if this is in the wrong section of the forum. Please feel free to move it if you wish. It is meant to be a comprehensive list of all reputable vendors who produce products that rely on signature detection, in some way, in order to detect all manner of malware. What I have done is investigate how to submit malware, and false positives to all of them. I have then taken this information and created a mailing list that allows you, with a few clicks, to submit malware to the majority of all of the anti-malware vendors in the world. At least that is the idea. You can also submit the malware to the reset of them manually, but the idea is to make it as easy as possible to submit it to as many as possible with as little work as possible. Please use this article to submit any malware you find to as many vendors as possible so we can help to make the online world a safer place. Also, for anyone who is able, and willing, to help I could use your help to improve this list. Please provide me with whatever feedback you have about the article and help me to make the information provided as accurate, and poignant, as possible. It would be most effective to leave the feedback in the comments section of the article so I have all of the feedback in one place. This will help me to best utilize it to improve the article. Thank you.
  3. Actually, I will advise my readers to submit false positives to support@immunet.com. I contacted support@sourcefire.com and they said the email address wasn't suitable for that. I should use support@immunet.com. Is this okay? Thanks.
  4. Thank you. I'll advise my readers to submit malware to submit@samples.immunet.com and false positives to support@sourcefire.com.
  5. Thank you very much. However, I was under the impression that false positives could also be submitted by sending them to submit@samples.immunet.com? Does this email address work as well or do I need to tell my readers to submit them to support@sourcefire.com? If you could clear this up I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.
  6. Okay, one more question. Is there an online form which can be used to submit false positives to Immunet?
  7. Thank you. I'll let you know if I have any problems.
  8. Also, another thing that I've noticed is that twice now I've submitted samples to immunet via this email address: submit@samples.immunet.com and both times after a few days I get an email back saying that undelivered mail was returned to sender. This particular one says it was sent on the 7th. Is that email address wrong or perhaps is there currently a problem with the sample submission process? What's going on? Thanks.
  9. Thank you. At this point I know how to submit malware to Immunet, but what I would like to know is whether the samples I submit to Immunet will also be added to the database for ClamAV. The article I'm working on will ask users to submit the suspicious samples (or false positives) to both Immunet or ClamAV. Thus I need to make sure that there aren't separate reporting practices for each one. For example for submitting suspicious files to Immunet I have found this page: https://forms.netsuite.com/app/site/crm/externalcasepage.nl;jsessionid=0a01145a1f434eacbc541a144401956ef1136b3a72b8.e34Nb3iTbxeLaO0Lbh0Mch0MaxqRe0?compid=1118791&formid=1&h=c7c6f7ac51622f012b06&redirect_count=1&did_javascript_redirect=T and for ClamAV I have found this page: http://cgi.clamav.net/sendvirus.cgi This leads me to believe that they feed into two different databases, but I need to know that for sure. Thanks.
  10. I'm actually trying to find out if there is an email address to which I can submit samples such that they will go into the database for ClamAV. Do immunet and ClamAV use the same database or is there somewhere else that I should be submitting the files? Thanks.
  11. Hello, I am writing an article in which I am showing users where they can submit malware and false positives. I have found an online submission form which users can use to submit these to you, but so far I have found no email address for submitting suspicious files and false positives. Do these exist and if so what are they? Thanks.
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