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  1. Thank you! Do you happen to know the latest version number?
  2. Also, I am running the Support Diagnostic Tool but do not have the System Diagnostic Tool mentioned under Support. It stills gives me the .zip folder but it is named differently. What's going on here? I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate x64.
  3. After seeing that my Computer was not Secure, I selected "Fix It' and ran a Flash Scan. That did not resolve the issue. So I rebooted my PC and selected "Fix It" again and ran a Full Scan. That did not resolve the issue. What next?
  4. I understand and frankly I do *NOT* like the Mac OS one bit *but* I think this is an absolutely superior opportunity for you guys to be the first to truly penetrate a market that will soon be in high demand of A/V protection. I consider myself a tech. "insider" and I fully support this company and want to see you guys grow!
  5. BugOutMachine

    Mac Support

    I recently invited two friends into My Community who own Macs and they are unable to use the software. I think extending support to the Mac platform will give this company a major lead in protection now that security experts are stating that the Mac OS is the most vulnerable system in existence.
  6. Thanks for the info! lol, this is good to know By the way, how does one increase their Protection Factor?
  7. I'm a bit confused with the My Community feature only because I discovered I have two members in My Community, both of which I do not know or recognize. Are these individuals added by Immunet due to certain criteria? How does one "remove" some from My Community? How does one get added without the User (in this case myself) know? Thank you in advance for any insight into this feature because I absolutely love the product but I do not get how people are being added without my permission. I must be missing something here.
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