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  1. Actually, it's best if you change your passwords on a regular basis, "especially with the most frequently used sites" to avoid hackers accessing sensitive data if the site does get hacked.
  2. I can also confirm this. The right-click context menu scan is not working for me either. OS: Windows 10 Home x64
  3. Yeah, what Ritchie said is true. Anyone still using XP and doing any online activity is just asking for it!
  4. As Ritchie pointed out revo can be an excellent tool at getting rid of a stubborn app that doesn't want to normally uninstall. It can also be a double edged sword if used incorrectly. That's where adding a system restore point beforehand is a wise decision.
  5. This is a little off topic but I think it's just as important. Once you've made your on-line purchases and the goods are delivered to your front door or porch you run the risk of "Porch Pirates" stealing your stuff! I heard on the news the other night that this type of crime is on the rise too this year. Some ways to avoid being ripped off like this is get one of those motion activated door bell/intercom/video camera security systems, have the packages delivered to you work place address instead or just ask the delivery service to hold your packages until you can pick them up yourself if feasible.
  6. I hate to be Capt'n Obvious here but most people know that Defender is meant as a "very basic" form of protection for the the folks that either refuse to or are ignorant of the importance to install a good, dedicated third-party AV product.
  7. Couldn't have said it better myself Ritchie! Through out history there have been mad men and despots that used religion or politics for their own twisted, psychotic desire for power and subjugation. But in the end evil never prevails. One just has to browse through the history books to know this is true.
  8. Since I use the free version I also use TDSSKiller as a root-kit scanner and would like to see this false positive corrected too.
  9. Happy Thanksgiving to you too Ritchie! I can confirm what Ritchie stated. We are still getting socked with this storm here in N.W. Pennsylvania. I do have to give credit to PennDOT for keeping the main highways fairly clear with lots of plowing and salting during this storm so far. I'm sure those drivers are making some serious overtime right now.
  10. I have several Android devices and thanks for the heads up on this. Much appreciated Ritchie.
  11. I agree, if this feature is eliminated and system resourse usage, performance or a more stable product is acheaved than I would also say it's time to dispense with this redundant aspect of Immunet.
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