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  1. I found a false positive of undercover.exe Name : undercover.exe MD5 : e621669e391c611bab4f78580b5291ac SHA1 : 1f689fd8fd5fe94e2bf581544e81f7d90376d0a3 SHA256: de5115fdec1c79cb329bf106014542d338f49d997b6e05cc9d042fe976db557a False positive: W32.Trojan.DE51 Report: Report Virustotal please fix it. the team of avira said me this file: undercover.zip
  2. new phishing don't detect by immunet, please send upload to your service.
  3. Hallo i found more new malware don't detect by immunet, please check it. Malware PHISHING: please analyse this file. good works:P etms51.
  4. I've some request about detection of immunet on Spero and Ethos engine. When i scan the my file infected i see always W32.Trojan.numberandletters, but i'd like have for example PDF script or PDF exploit this nickname was Exploit.PDF.xxxx or when i scan on a program i see always W32.Trojan.numbers_letters but i think a SPR/namemalware.numbers_letters. I don't recognise the detection or a categories of the threats. For an example you can found a general term about different malware (General term of malware and sub-categories) While for Tetra engine is good in general remain to this name, W32.Trojan.numberandletters please change or create the category of the malware and rename the malware. for example (http://forum.immunet.com/index.php?/topic/1012-eicar-cloud-detection-enabled/) i thinks a good game was W32.Eicar.xxxx where xxx are the number.
  5. Hallo, more days ago, i think a good new feature about key serials, Actually there are some problem about key serial for Immunet Plus, if an user have some problem about (format the computer, or have some problem where the user unistall the program, the old key serial don't working, although missing more days (100 day which expires this key licence. Today you must contact the support team for re-working the serial key. I have a new feature well working about Immunet (this feature is still present to Avira products). When you enter or put a number serial for activate Immunet Protect Plus, the product creates a new file called hbedv.key where contains the key licence. If have a problem about computer where you can unistall the program, you can copy this file into another folder, if you want re-install the program and re-put the old file (hbedv.key) the Immunet Protect Plus return working without contact the support team or enter a new key licence if the old licence working very well (don't expires it) until to expires the missing days. please check it.
  6. 1)star.jpg Description: this script don't detect by immunet, please check it. Link virustotal: http://www.virustotal.com/file-scan/report.html?id=a00d3dd2251cf96feed247d17e7ffd2aa1904b8462843f7994ac5ae9a05bd976-1304170691 MD5 : 383cc087f17ab5664f592c5099c56152 SHA1 : 3009db8a4453068709673fc126a6a5ada79e4689 SHA256: a00d3dd2251cf96feed247d17e7ffd2aa1904b8462843f7994ac5ae9a05bd976 please check it. 2)kzH.dll Link virustotal: http://www.virustotal.com/file-scan/report.html?id=08230f17cd25bc18a8c8323d26f4fc00153680a4564e9c33803600b248721b35-1304328585 MD5 : c9d1115501f3809310b3fc2e8cafdf58 SHA1 : b9596913ebec9d1e307c7983b37e62e4a1c060e2 SHA256: 08230f17cd25bc18a8c8323d26f4fc00153680a4564e9c33803600b248721b35 3)MarocFootball.jar LInk virustotal: http://www.virustotal.com/file-scan/report.html?id=da341ce03aacfa3d6c3386185e3a3a436765d5d11618e98073a76835519f5c39-1304329116 MD5 : 3de0121b0a9841c39513985f45471456 SHA1 : 8d2da2f028be7bfb3a081e71ac557e960d2f116a SHA256: da341ce03aacfa3d6c3386185e3a3a436765d5d11618e98073a76835519f5c39 4)Phishing
  7. Hallo i found a small phising don't detect by immunet, please add to your database. good works etms51. ***Malware added. Orlando***
  8. The issues is fixed, not a bug, only version (italian was 2.0.xx). if i choose the english version, the download manager install the last version of immunet 3.0.1.xxxx.
  9. I found an another malware don't detect by immunet, please add to your database. File name: web2pdf-converter.exe MD5 : 46b09dc4fd6df403f239d898e6c6cec4 SHA1 : 0dd9c9a517434ccab82ee41b1783adeaa4d8f910 SHA256: bf66281138cd3cf62e20fd081ed6da9f547aa2befc13fc40f5895f45be479c49 Link: http://www.virustotal.com/file-scan/report.html?id=bf66281138cd3cf62e20fd081ed6da9f547aa2befc13fc40f5895f45be479c49-1303739113
  10. Sweidre i didn't italian (i ve unistalled the last beta 2 in italian language), bug when i download with new versione, i can't download but appears only English version 2.0.xxxx
  11. When i would download the new version of Immunet 3.0.1.xxxx (the last version), when i click on the download website (http://www.immunet.com/free/index.html), the version of download immunet was, please re-place the old version to new version 3.0.1.xxxx. because i don't want install the previous immunet version.
  12. Hallo i found new malware don't detect by immunet, please add to your database. the zip have a password protection. there is 3 html script: 1 IFframe, JS/ and Phishing website the other files are PHP script and malware.
  13. there are some small mistakes on installation of italian language. 1)Begin to install of PLus trial the word of checkbox is truncated the word in italian language is truncated, "Gratuitamente". Screenshot: http://www.sharingsys.com/lite/e/3022f48cb341d94354b62858db1e5c83.jpg 2)Two string don't translated into italian language and one word truncated. in this screen, i see the two strings don't translate into italian language English language => Italian language "Try an Immunet PLus 3.0 trial today" => "Prova oggi la versione di prova di Immunet Plus 3.0" "Do you already have a license key?" => "Hai giĆ  una chiave di licenza?" the phrase "...nella casella sottostante apposita per la chiavi di..." the word "licenza" don't show because the size is end, please move under the box for input the license key for see the word "di licenza". Screenshot: http://www.sharingsys.com/lite/e/166b60ecdf5bde58d1ee6277e06a0de9.jpg
  14. etms51

    Fake Av

    hi, thanks for your report, Today i've send to submit@samples.immunet.com, from 2 h or next 24h the malware will be detect.
  15. sorry change the link of virustotal is wrong, now replaced.
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