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  1. A recent scan produced three bad files, two of which were quarantined and one which was labeled "quarantine failed." What further, if anything, should be done in this instance? Thanks.
  2. I went ahead and enabled the other engines, and everything seems to be working fine. For awhile I was worried that I was experiencing system slowdown with all the extra av engines running, but after a reboot things seem to be running smoothly. I am still not getting recognition from Action Center for antispyware. As to the clock issue, it seems that updates have the right time, but scans show an hour ahead. No biggie really.
  3. I'm pretty new to Immunet. I have Immunet Plus 3.0. Everything seems to be working well, but the time on Immunet is an hour ahead of my actual time. How can I fix this? Also, not sure about all the options with regard to scanning engines. What do you get with just the cloud? Do you get antivirus and antimalware/antispyware? If so, should Action Center recognize it? I am running Windows 7 64-bit, and so far there is no recognition of Action Center with regard to antispyware. It does recognize the av however. What about Clamav and Tetra? I have these off right now. Should they be on, or what? Thanks.
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