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  1. Hi Eli, As a school project, I think it looks OK. Graphically I am reminded some how of the early 80's or Win 3.0... The blue fade from left to right is nice. You might get more feedback if you provided some presuppositions (is this for a college or high school class and have you done such graphical work before?) I wish you the best... David
  2. Perhaps for the next update or so, I would like to see the GUI (Settings > CLAM Detection Engine) to show what version # of Clam AV is currently running within Immunet. Maybe in parenthesis or some thing on the side... Ideally, I would like to see this with all the Engines as well for transparency etc. Thank you, David (New Paid User)
  3. Hi Ritchie, How do I know if I have the most recent release of CLAM AV? This perhaps applies to the other engines as I can't seem to find the version numbers within the GUI... If it is not there, perhaps it could be added in the next update under each engine listed??? Thanks, Dave
  4. Thank you... I have made the adjustments. :-)
  5. Thanks Ritchie, (I am running the paid verson) So the cloud engines (Ethos and Spero) alone are not sufficent? I have to chose Clam or Tetra right? As a firewall, I am running PrivateWall 7.0 to complete my security. ~David
  6. Hi. I am new to Immunet and looking at the options for AV engines I became curious... Why would I want to use Tetra when there is Cloud and Clam? Seems redundant and maybe more taxing to the system if all are enabled... Ideas? Thanks, Dave
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