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  1. This machine runs exchange so we have excluded the data folder and Blocking Mode was all ready off. Will keep you posted if it happens again Thank you
  2. I had today a problem with a windows server 2003 sp2. Outlook web access stopped excepting connections. I found some information on Google that recommended adding the columns for the Non-paged Pool memory in task manager as it can be caused by memory leaks. When i did that agent.exe shot straight too the top. After stopping the immunet service and restarting the web services every thing came back too life. This was with Immunet Plus so I am now reluctant too start it back up as I do not want any more issues. Any way of curing this ? Thank you
  3. Hi I bought the 3 computer license times x 4 which should allow me too do 12 machines and I got one license key sent too me
  4. Hi I have bought Amount 4 Immunet PLUS 2012 3 Computers 2 Year for a network. I installed it with out problems on 5 machines with out problem but then on machine no 6 it failed too upgrade too Immunet PLUS please check the key. I tried it on another pc with the same error. I have all tried it on another machine at a completely different address too rule out any network issues and I get the same error. Can a support person please message me asap so I can get this sorted out as I need too get the rest of machines sorted out asap
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