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  1. thanks again for your update on this, but ti's a 32bit system... is it possible to manually fetch what the installer is downloading? thanks!
  2. yes, it's a SP3 machine. it's freshly installed, so it's not infected.
  3. i retried at least a dozen of times with the same result, different networks, no firewall blocking. the only thing puzzling me is that even tough the user IS the administrator, when I perform certain actions on the computer I get requested for authorization. but I'm asked, and given that it goes ahead. this doesn't happen when installing immuned
  4. Hi. I'm trying to install Immunet on a Windows XP SP3 machine, but when it's about to download the core antivirus it fails, and tells me to try the manual intsall (see attachment). The problem is that I didn't find any documentation about this manual install method. how can I install immunet? it's very strange, I've installed immunet several times without problems! thanks
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