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  1. Any possibility? If it not possible, please let me know.
  2. @OrlandoP I am hardly user of portable apps. I am usig on my 3 computers at home 40 portable application from portableapps.com. I have just installed Adobe Flash and an antivirus application after format Windows operation system. I just start all portable app I want from my another NTFS part of my computer. I just ask if possible to make also the antivirus as portable. But if you say it is not possible (or very difficult...) I can not say anythink... Some people always asks me why do you use portable apps so much. I am answering it simply before anyone ask me : -Windows is always getting slower after installing any new application -Windows losts its stability after installing any new application -Windows losts its secure after installing any new application -I don't spend my time to install 40 application after each format on any computer (I know there are many stable backup applications for Windows but I the updates of each program after recover takes time and some apps lost stability with updates many times (overlap) ). -Some application lost its stability when updates itself (always zero installation is better). That's why some apps unistall and than installs itself on each update. -If any app losts it's stability, I dont have the possiblity to remove the user-data folder. (on portabele apps we have Data folder which includes all user-preferences...) -and many other reasons that I will not write them here... Thanks for you interest...
  3. @ritchie58 ClamVIN has portable version. But ClamVIN does not have real-time protection. But Immunet has real-time protection. Many people thinks that real-time protection does not needed by a portable program, but I really need it. @ritchie58 Emsisoft Emergency Kit 2.0 has real-time protection?
  4. Hi! It yould be great if will be create a portable version. Thanks in advance...
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