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  1. Okay, I'll try. Will take a while before I have an update, I'll have to do this company-wide, and carefully
  2. There were initially about 80, but a rough estimate now would be more about 160. Lots of work to do manually...
  3. Thanks Francis, I've tested this with Immunet 3.0.6 and it seems to work fine! If I download the latest ImmunetSetup.exe, will this remove older versions of Immunet as well (up to 3.0.0)? Edit: I tried removing Immunet v3.0.3 with the ImmunetSetup.exe downloaded today. It was uninstalled, but as with the uninstall.exe, it wasn't a complete removal. Any chance that there are older versions of ImmunetSetup.exe still available?
  4. It's a Windows 7 Professional x64, with a bare minimum of software and drives installed (a clean image). On top of that, we manually install Immunet, currently 3.0.6. I'm trying to install Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8, but get the following: ... cannot be performed, because a third-party application is already installed on the computer: ClamAV 1.0.26 / gredAV. ... please remove the third-party application.
  5. I didn't know that, thanks for the information. I've tried it on a clean computer with Immunet 3.0.6 installed, but unfortunately, the same problem. This is what I run: "C:\Program Files\Immunet\3.0.6\uninstall.exe" /S /remove 1 So it's removed from "All programs", and the uninstall.exe is gone, but the directory C:\Program Files\Immunet\ still exists, and a bunch of files are still there.
  6. We have installed Immunet roughly 80 workstations a year ago, but management decided free antivirus applications are not good enough. I'm wondering how you can effectively remove Immunet, without going to Start > Add / Remove programs > Uninstall Immunet (which would be a burdersome work). I've tried using GP to send out a batchscript to run the uninstall.exe /S, but it doesn't properly work (somehow, there are still traces which are detected by other antivirus software). The removal script listed in the forum here doesn't work properly either. The only thing that does seem to work is if I remove it manually by going to Start > Add / Remove programs > Uninstall Immunet. There are several versions being used, 3.0.0 to 3.0.6. Any help would be awesome.
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