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  1. re: Error mess says: Immunet 3.0 is not running. Please restart the Immunet service and retry. Hi My service "is running" in Services, and I tried stopping and starting it again to see if it scan, to no avail. I have ver#, and it is a fresh install. Thanks Al
  2. Thanks. Youcan add it yes, but it doesnt exclude the drive at all.
  3. Any one else help with this simple request?
  4. Be nice if the Exclusion Add dialog box, REMEMBERED the last location, and opened that upon sucessive Add's! Be nice and "modern" if it had a LOCATION area, so one could paste in the PATH they want to go to. Why use a Win 95 dialog box? Thanks
  5. Hi Alfred Thanks for you shots at this. We are getting off the topic of why Immunet does not EXCLUDE entire drives? If it worked as it should, or a fix was provided, this post would be closed by now.
  6. > You need exclusions on those paths on the F/K/H drives Ok - what does above mean? > we seeing those convictions ?convictions?
  7. See screeen shots of this happening...
  8. Just happened a few times again today
  9. You can yes, but the message that comes up says it wont work any how, and it doesnt work. Still scans the entire drive. Appears only folders and files can be protected.
  10. Be nice the History Area was made to standards, so a mouse is not necessary to scroll. IE- Up/down Arrow Key Thanks Al
  11. Hi I have the paid ver. Why cant I exclude an ENTIRE harddrive from Imm? Thanks Al Guevara
  12. Hi I'm a paid user. IM shows where the quarantined file is, but not where it came from? That be nice no? Al
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