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  1. Thanks for reply. But why this issue happens? Some hidden bug in Immunet code, you can't find/repair?
  2. I have the same problem. Sometimes, after booting my Windows on, logging into system and opening Immunet interface, i see this: after clicking on grayed "Scan Now" button. Text on pop-up says "Immunet 3.0 is turned off. Restart Immunet 3.0 and try again". Usually rebooting system or restarting service helps, but why this issue happens? I see this error every third boot.
  3. I found article about DeepSafe @ Joanna Rutkowska'a blog. Cheers.
  4. I think you should implement such module for Immunet, that could make a proper dump from motherboard BIOS, or some other hardware firmware and scan it thorough for malware. If some malicious code will be found, this module should make reflash of this firmware and scan again to be sure that nothing malicious get flashed again. I must mention, that McAfee and Symantec are engaged in active development of such modules for their security products. McAfee's technology is DeepSAFE.
  5. Here's the result @ VirusTotal. ClamAV still can't detect it. You better change it.
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