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  1. I installed an update of the free version last week on an XP SP3 machine I normally use remotely (via Remote Desktop) and made the mistake of leaving before the reboot had finished. It got a blue screen with "no more IRP stack locations". An on-site user was able to boot the machine into safe mode. Googling reveals that this error has happened with other AV products such as Norton. I'll be going by today to uninstall from safe mode and re-attempt the installation. Some interesting info here on what the error message means: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_vista-system/how-to-fix-error-0x00000035-no-more-irp-stack/9367bcca-8a4f-e011-8dfc-68b599b31bf5?msgId=a9afa4db-5906-4eb3-8db4-414dcafd2081
  2. I have a backup system that scans the whole drive for file changes and uploads those changes to a server, using rsync. Is there some way to configure Immunet to ignore all file accesses made by the backup software (in this case, cwRsyncServer's rsyncd.exe)? The files have presumably already been scanned for infection when they were written by other programs, so they don't need to be scanned again. Plus, the backup server can scan them with its own software if it wants, without impacting performance on the client. It sucks to have your machine slow to a crawl because two processes need to scan files. Reducing that to one process would be a big win. I'm looking at different AV solutions and I've found how to do this for Microsoft Security Essentials, so I need the equivalent for that. (I'm about to switch my own machine from AVG, which lacks this ability, and I'd install Immunet instead of MSE if it can do this.) http://maximumpcguides.com/windows-7/set-microsoft-security-essentials-to-exclude-a-process/
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