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  1. They display properly. just rediculously small print lol. Just waiting for better support for such a high display.
  2. No problem Ritchie. I will always post when have a problem. It's a thing i have to deal with when your screen is 17 inches and 4k. especially with games such as World of Tanks and Supreme Commander FA .
  3. Ok. Heres a small snip bit of the settings menu.
  4. http://prntscr.com/cntml6 Link to a screen shot.
  5. after installing immunet on a new laptop with 4k display. you UI is so small due to the high resolution. I would like to see a fix for this problem in the near future since more computers and monitors will have 4k displays more readily available.
  6. I suggest Visiting the website http://malwaretips.com/ As they have been helpful to me in the past.
  7. Zurchiboy

    Creppy Design

    I think immunet a user interface could be redone for a morer modern look.
  8. I would agree with harv that being able to select multiple items in the quarantine would be a nice feature. Especially for a mass false positive activity. Comodo allows people to select all items in the quarantine at one time and then delete or restore them all at once instead of doing one at a time. Would be a nice feature to see in future updates in immunet.
  9. It should be in the quarantine folder. If you open up immunet if you look under you should see quarantine in small blue letters. Click on it and you should be able to see all the files in the quarantine. Be sure to report these as FP.
  10. Immunet free is can also run along side other Antivirus software. And It has worked well alongside comodo Internet security from my experience
  11. We got a Netgear. good thing we didn't get lynksys. the last lynkss we had broke in 3 days.
  12. I use comodo internet security and immunet side by side. Comodo does have a cloud based av scanner. But it also had regular definitions. I have not had any issues. I don't think there woupd be an issue by running to cloud based avs together.
  13. Norton has stopped supporting XP. I don't know about the other vendors if they have stopped supporting xp or not.
  14. Windows XP was and excellent OS. WE still have a laptop that uses XP. Only 5 more days of support. Will miss it.
  15. Congrats Immunet. Will be taking a look at it shortly.
  16. Happy new year ritchie. Lets see what 2014 has in virus and antivirus technology.
  17. thats pretty bad. I am sure thats not the only one out there.
  18. Happy thanksgiving. and a happy black Friday to people who participaate.
  19. congratulations immunet. 3m users.
  20. With MSE. if you have common sense unlike a lot of other people, you well be quite fine. it isn't a bad program at all.
  21. I agree. Even though immunet is a relatively basic program. It has some more features than MSE. It just isn't common for a company to admit something like that.
  22. "Microsoft has aggressively promoted Security Essentials until not a long time ago, saying that it provides at least similar protection as any other anti-virus product, including rival software from Kaspersky, ESET, Symantec, or Bitdefender. Holly Stewart, senior program manager of the Microsoft Malware Protection Center, admitted in an interview with Dennis Technology Labs, a company that performs anti-virus tests on a regular basis, that Security Essentials is indeed designed to remain “at the bottom” of all rankings, so users should really install third-party protection." Read more here http://news.softpedia.com/news/Microsoft-Admits-That-Security-Essentials-Is-Just-a-Basic-Anti-Virus-Product-386213.shtml
  23. Wow...That is disturbing. Hopefully those that were stolen didn't contain our info.
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