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  1. Thanks all. TBH Server 2012 is my main concern, as with best practice in Hyper-V the Host OS sits on its' own subnet and dedicated network port for secretary reasons, making joining an enterprise security solution a pain. And many "Server" solutions need a minimum of 5 CALs... the host shouldn't really ever be put in a threat situation, but it only takes one slip, browsing to the wrong site for an add-on etc.
  2. Hi all, Just wondering whether Immunet 3 officially supports Server 2012 and Windows 8 yet? I can't find anything on the forums or site.... I've historically always loved Immunet 3 for being the only real time scanning free AV solution that will install on Server OS, and would like to continue to use it going forward, for things like a standalone test HyperV host, which was my intention if it works. I've seen issues with Avast free and Win8 so far, just wondering if anyone else has tried Immunet 3 or if it's known to be supported? thanks Dom
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