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  1. I'm seeing the same thing as Bogdan. Scanning of directories goes ok.
  2. I'm running Win7 32-bit. Avast & Prevx as AV.
  3. Is it possible to remove or disable display of the Immunet entry from right-click context menus? I'm using the free version of Immunet and the right-click doesn't seem to do anything.
  4. Orlando, I've emailed the file to you.
  5. I got a false positive while scanning Rollbackv91.exe. This file is the executable for the program Rollback Rx, which is a quick recovery software. The program does alter the MBR, as it loads prior to Windows and allows you to recover the system if Windows fails to load. Scan at Virus Total returns a result of 2/41. The file is too large to upload here. Here's the link to Virus Total report: http://www.virustotal.com/analisis/0a2e775c6a80050449eec7f373d71eda059431099437814ade67ccd9a247daa4-1276104278 Please check into this. Thanks.
  6. I followed the same procedure as sweidre and all is working fine now. Thanks to Millard for the quick response and fix for this issue.
  7. I'm getting a script error under version When I click on the Activity Summary tab to view the history bar graph, this error pops-up: Does anyone else see this?
  8. I'm seeing both the Denmark and Portugal flags in the latest version. Not sure why you aren't. Sweidre, I'd like to add you to my community. My email is kris.hendricks AT sbcglobal.net, please add me. Thanks
  9. I've got this as well. I did notice the date under "last scanned" is not displaying correctly. It's showing 01, 2010 07:25:11 so it looks like a bug of some sort.
  10. Thanks for the reply Pedersen. I'll take a chance and go ahead and post my email. It's kris.hendricks AT sbcglobal.net ,hopefully the spam-bots won't pick it up. Any forum member is welcome to send me an invite to their community. Thanks.
  11. Hi everyone, Is 'My Community' meant to be more of a regional thing, eg. only adding others in your state or country vs. adding others regardless of where they live? Is it permissible to post my email in the forum so that others here can add me to their community if they wish?
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