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  1. Thanks -- but that url seems to link to the version not the version (if I run it, it installs; I thought maybe it was pulling some updates from the Internet silently during installation, but then I saw that if I simply right-click on the installer downloaded from that url and choose "Properties", it shows "" in the "version" field.)
  2. We were evaluating Immunet (Free+ClamAV) for potential use on some Windows XP workstations, but find Immunet is unable to scan anything on a network drive or a folder that's been redirected by group policy to a network share. And since our users' desktops and "My Documents" folders are all redirected, that means nothing on the desktop or documents folders can be scanned. Is this a fundamental limitation of Immunet, or just a bug in the current version ( Is it connected to the issue I've seen posted about elsewhere that this version messes up NetBIOS name resolution and file sharing on Windows XP and Server 2003 platforms? Symptoms: If you right-click a file or folder and choose "Scan Now", the dialogue box that pops up shows "0 files scanned, 0 threats found, ... etc." In agent.exe.log, an error message like the following is logged (if trying to scan a file named index.txt on network mapped drive W:): (84221, +32707 ms) Dec 18 12:13:27 [2632]: ERROR: unable to open handle using filename(W:\index.txt)... : 3 : The system cannot find the path specified. Thanks for any info, particularly as to whether immunet is expected to be able to scan redirected folders and network drives, and, if so, whether a fix is likely in the next version (and when that next version is likely to come out).
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