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  1. Hello, wanted to know if Immunet is compatible with PC Tools™ AntiVirus Free?. Greetings
  2. Hi sweidre, removed the PM, as I indicated. Thanks Greetings!
  3. G Data CloudSecurity is compatible with internet explorer 9?. Greetings!
  4. I would like to increase my contacts in the community, so if anyone is interested drop me a PM, and I give you my email so add me. Greetings!
  5. Ares file, sent by mail. Greetings!
  6. Hello, will not let me upload the file, I get this error You Are not permitted to upload this kind of file. Get upload the file to virus total http://www.virustotal.com/file-scan/report.html?id=274c828f76078f58ff5c2c4db206b7d20ba9841d1f0190739af9153e6f67e66c-1300125461
  7. Hello, Immunet detected as W32.Crypt Ares program. It is a false positive. Greetings!
  8. Thanks. Topic resolved. Greetings!
  9. Thank you very much. and firewall, I recommend to use?
  10. Hi, I wanted to ask whether it is safe to have on my PC, Immunet Protect alone, or is it better to have it together with another antivirus? Greetings.
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