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  1. Sorry for that, I didn´t realized that the threats are zero-day ones... I know about av-comparatives. They have tested all the well known av´s, and 60% is on top... So, sorry again... But: I had a look inside the offered youtube video of malcontents post. What do you think abaout it? Perhaps a revenge of woodrows post (bluepoint live challange) in the panda forum???
  2. Oups... Link-test: Catched 60%, missed 40% Scan-and-clean-up-test: Catched & cleaned: 73%, missed: 27% Poor results, really poor results... There is much space of improvement... Thanks for testing
  3. Woodrow, really great, thanks for that. I hope they will do... senge
  4. All at its best, thanks Armin, Cheers too senge
  5. Hi Woodrow, nice to see you here in the new forum I run Threatfire for a while and it seemed to be very accurate indeed, but I felt, it slowed down my nettop (Atom with 1 GB RAM), so went back to Mamutu. Perhaps I should test Threatfire again in the latest version... Thanks for your incitement. senge
  6. Where is my system-flash? - I try it again... Oups, too big to upload, hmmm... I´ll mail it to Millard...
  7. Thanks Millard, thanks Armin, it´s fine to have you here in the forum, I feel well supported with you alongside I´ve rebooted and all is running well again... Thanks also for the registry-cleaning tip. I do it every week with Auslogics Boost Speed... If it make sense for you, I attach the actual system-flash. Thanks for great support senge
  8. Hi Armin, you are right, related to the first time after releasing Mamutu. Meanwhile Emsisoft increased the performance, built in a community-based alarm reduction, and the result in my experience is, NOT ONE F/P within two years running it. Same to many friends using Mamutu. Best wishes senge
  9. Hi, my IMP 2.0 free stops flash-scanning at "ctfmon.exe" and don´t find any end. Elapsed time is counting and counting... Closing and reopening the application, clicking onto "scan", again and only the time counter is working. What could we do? Thanks for help. senge
  10. P.S. "Guest senge"... Sorry, forgot to login
  11. Same to me... 2.0 Plus conflicted with my thunderbird (I read about the solution in scientia forum) and crashed my firefox (was unable to start it), grrr... 2.0 Plus seems to be not well balanced. All the former special features of Immunet are gone with the plus-version. Plus is heavyweight (250 MB HD), slows down my pc and crashes with common software... Further: A full HD scan of about 50 GB takes hours, many hours... Inaccebtable... There is much space to increase the performance of "plus"... I removed the "Plus", deleted some folders and reinstalled the free-version.... Whow, all the known goodnesses of Immunet Protect are here again: Light, fast and no perceptible impact on any action of the pc... Actually I´m running IMP 2.0 free with Mamutu as a very effective and lightweight behaviour blocker... Added Hitman Pro and MBAM for second opinions, scanning on demand only... So, I hope the creators of Immunet take their heads down and increases the performance of the paid version... I´m full of hope and still a fan of Immunet... senge
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