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  1. I did a complete wipe, reboot and reinstall and it's still broken for me and still won't recognize a license key. I tried inserting it in the install (didn't work) and I tried a fresh install after that and the application doesn't have a UI option for inputting a license key. >.<
  2. I am also having issues with the new version not keeping settings when I select them. Also, it appears that Immunet Plus is really Immunet Free now, since my license was removed (with no way to re-input) and now I'm stuck with Plus advertisements.
  3. Thanks for the responses! It looks like Immunet has processed the submission, as my sample file was immediately detected today when I logged back into my account. Detection name was "Jar.Trojan". As always, thanks for the great antivirus!
  4. I submitted a new detection to the samples email address June 19th and I have yet to see Immunet picking up on the detection. The submission was for an aggressive version of the OffersWizard malware (that downloads and runs itself via a Java/Flash exploit). Since I submitted the initial detection to VirusTotal, 8 other vendors have picked it up and blocked it. The hash in question is: 9fa00e02962a2c3794e2c42b6249457ab994a2f7f1d98b911d82dbb95fa6205e Interesting enough Immunet is quarantining the Virustotal webpage temp file for that particular report.
  5. Hello, Having an issue with this new version of Immunet that has the Network Monitoring service. Apparently, while using streaming media content (like Netflix), the Network Monitor service causes a BSoD due to "IRQL not less or equal" with "Immunet Network Monitor.sys". For the meantime I have disabled it. The attached file Mini072813-02.txt is a minidump from one of the BSoD's, hopefully it proves useful. I sent this info and an SDT to Immunet Support, as well.
  6. I would also recommend right-clicking on the install file and selecting "Run as Administrator". You may have account permissions issues that are preventing core services from actually installing. It also could already be running in your traybar, looks like a blue square with a white arrow and black bar inside.
  7. I disabled *everything* and it still looks like Agent is leaking while nothing is happening. Just sitting at rest, no scans, no protection...gradually climbing bit by bit. Making any settings change resets the memory usage, but this baby will sit at rest until it hits ~200MB at which point it seems to reset. With it completely disabled none of my games complain about sudden memory loss, though...
  8. Hello, Recently installed Immunet Plus and while I have to say it works, the memory footprint is HUGE at times. "Block" mode seems to add to the issue, but even with it turned off I can go play a game and watch Immunet Agent use 300-600mb of memory. I suspect it has spiked far past that, as I can be playing a game like Call of Duty 4 (with minimal resource usage) and watch it fail due to lack of free memory after about 10 minutes. System specs: Windows 7 x64 8GB RAM 120GB SSD 2TB HDD I just restarted Agent and I'm watching it slowly but surely leak memory in 4-18KB chunks...with nothing happening besides me writing this post. It's gone from 18MB of memory to 58MB of memory in the past 6 minutes...and still climbing! It gets a few massive chunks here and there, but at no time does it reduce usage.
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