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  1. There was no mention of 64-bit protection in the 6.3 announcement. Was there a 6.4? Never mind. That's rhetorical. So, 64-bit protection in 6.5?? In-between answers, e.g. using "should," don't cut it. Cheers.
  2. Hello again. 64 bit protection in 6.2.4?? Thanks!
  3. In a thread from last year it was discussed that Immunet 6.0 "...only protects 32 bit processes at this time." 64 bit yet? In 6.0.8? Thank you!
  4. Nice to be back. I don't put too much faith in anyone's home page. I think I'll just bang out a email to support@
  5. Yeah. When he enabled that and game mode I thought, "He'll be back." He caught on to that pretty quick and disabled both.
  6. Very good... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoLFL8gwqSY
  7. Wow. My login still works. Congrats on Immunet 5! I have a Windows 10 Home x64 system which started out as a Technical Preview build on an old clunker E8400 box. But it keeps on updating and works just like retail. Immunet 5 is installed on there and runs well with Defender, Spy Shelter free and Voodoo Shield free. Test results are superb, snagging everything I throw at it from VXVault and malc0de. I also have a new Dell i3-6100 running 10 Home X64 Anniversary Update. I'm a bit reluctant to install Immunet because of, well, you know... Microsoft. Have you folks cleared for AU yet? Thanks.
  8. Hey Ritchie... Glad to see you're still alive and kickin' too. I'm good, thank you. Except for my memory. The cvd file is there as is that cld file; I should know those well as I supported Clam on a couple of Linux mail servers some years back. I'm sure I was looking for a bit BitDefender folder stuffed with 150+ files. Thanks for the memory jog! Take care.
  9. I remember when I was working with Free v3.0.3 and the ClamAV engine and allow updates were enabled a healthy amount of definition files got downloaded and written to a local directory. I did not see that occur in the v3.0.8 I installed on a freind's system yesterday and I cannot locate any directory containing ClamAV defs. Is this OK? Thank you!
  10. Immunet continues to rock the MRG Flash tests, hitting detections even when Bitdefender fails. Now running about 15-20 percentage points ahead of some of the big-shot AVs and suites and on par with others! My latest spreadsheet compilation... https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0BxamVvlZYmoyNmZhYTQ0MDEtMmY2OS00MzczLTg2MWEtOTU3Yzc2NDNmYjVj&sort=name&layout=list&num=50 Enjoy! Would some one PLEASE disable the Quote function in sweidre's profile. PLEASE!
  11. While I'm logged in for something else, I'd like to once more post up my suggestion for a user interface devoid of the side-banner and orange pane upon a donation-based $12 payment to Immunet and providing the user with the more informative visuals of the Plus version without Tetra's local overhead. Cheers.
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