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  1. You can connect a Apple iOS device to a Macintosh computer but that OS is definitely not supported by Immunet, only Windows platforms. There was talk of possibly developing an Immunet app for smart phones a few years back but as far as I know that idea never went anywhere! Still, an interesting idea though.
  2. The problem with most rootkits is that they generally use some sort of advanced encryption method which usually makes 'em hard to detect let alone access & read. So it wouldn't surprise me if HexaPro was unable to submit any SHA256 or MD5 checksum(s) hash tag(s). Besides Immunet it never hurts to have an additional on-demand rootkit scanner at your disposal! Speaking of such... Malwarebytes has a new beta "CMD based on-demand rootkit scanner" available that looks rather promising. They're also looking for beta testers with (preferably) virtual test rigs for anyone that's into that sort of thing. As with any beta software please read the legal Disclaimer documentation carefully before use. Not 100% sure if it's compatible with Server 2008 R2 however. https://www.malwarebytes.com/antirootkit/
  3. With the directories being affected it's very similar behavior to what a rootkit keylogger might exhibit.
  4. Yup, got the installer to download with no problems & got 'er successfully installed! Piriform already issued a new build. What I got with the installer was version 5.55.7108. Mmm, usually a software vendor doesn't release a new build that quick unless it's some sort of priority bug fix. Makes me wonder if Immunet was but just one in a list of AV products that had problems with that installer. Cheers, Ritchie...
  5. Hello again Aris. Sorry to hear you're having another issue so soon! In Settings, do you have "Monitor Network Settings" enabled? This setting does monitor your network connections for zero-day vulnerabilities and any possibly malicious hosts. It's up to the user of course but personally I leave this setting disabled as I already had a third-party app that does the same thing before this feature was added.
  6. I'm still using Win 7, sorry about the misunderstanding. I forgot that with Win 10 All Programs have been renamed to "All Apps" but the procedure is the same unless you've done a lot of personalization to your Taskbar. Using imgur links for images is acceptable on this forum but I'm "not referring to Immunet's Program Files" directory however. Click on the Start button then all apps, find Immunet's folder icon and click on it, select the Support Diagnostic Tool icon from the list & click on that. If there is no Start button (some builds of 10 have no start button, it has to be added manually) or you still can’t find the Immunet icon in the All Apps listings use the search box on the Taskbar, type immunet. If there is also no Taskbar search box simply press the Windows key on your keyboard and start typing.
  7. Thanks for looking into this Rob! Actually forum member Aris deserves the credit for reporting this first. Could you let us know when it's fixed since it's been a while since I updated CCleaner and would like to install this new build myself.
  8. I agree with you, you do have a killer system and Immunet should not be slowing things down to a snail's pace like that! I'm sure you've already done scans to rule out malware causing this so my next suggestion would be to submit a Support Diagnostic Tool report for analysis. First open the All Programs directory -> find the Immunet folder & click on it -> click on Support Diagnostic Tool -> this will create a zip file to your desktop. Then could you send that zip file as an attachment using the Forum's Personal Messenger feature to the Administrator Wookiee. Include a brief description of the issue & also mention that you started this topic in the Immunet Support (Issues & Defects) section. Wookiee works directly with the development team so he would be better suited to further help you because I'm at a loss as what's going on with your rig! Here's a link to Wookiee's profile page. Just click on the Message button but don't forget to log in first. https://support.immunet.com/profile/46674-wookiee/ Best wishes, Ritchie...
  9. Immunet is quarantining CCleaner's newest 5.54 installer package with this PUA.Win.Trojan.Generic::95.sbx.tg quarantine response (see image). I tried to restore the installer but that doesn't work. At first I couldn't even download it but I managed to get the installer downloaded using the restore feature but as soon as you click on the installer to start the installation you get yet another quarantine and the installer package disappears. Tried again to download the installer after restoring the installer package, got it downloaded that way only to get another quarantine while trying to install & the package disappears even though I restored those files last time to no avail. No matter the the amount of restoration you CAN NOT get this to install not to mention the hassle just to get the installer to download. The installer package was downloaded from the official Piriform site here. https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download
  10. It would have been better if you posted this in the False Positives section but you're right Aris & thanks for bringing this to our attention. I'm going to report this in the False Positives section since it doesn't matter if you restore the files to the installer package, Immunet will still prevent you from installing CCleaner with yet another quarantine response. No amount of restoring files seems to work! That sucks!
  11. I thought maybe it might be temp files related to the games you play being scanned but if it's more random than that we can probably rule that out as the "primary" cause. However, there have been times when we have advised users to create a Exclusion rule for a game's entire Program Files folder. That's something you can try to see if that helps at all. Not sure how to create an Exclusion? Let me know and I can give you detailed instructions. Do you have any programs that constantly or frequently write to disk? One example would be a system backup/OS mirroring software package. That can also cause the behavior you're seeing as Immunet scans the backup files as they're being created & moved the the backup directory.
  12. Thanks for the concise, detailed report. I wish more forum members were as conscientious! You mentioned your rig is used primarily for gaming. Does this spike in CPU cycles generally happen while you're actively participating in a game? Or is it more of a overall random occurrence in your opinion?
  13. Hi Tim, is there a particular browser that you're using associated with this htm file quarantine response? If so, which browser was it? Ordinarily htm & html data files are related to a open browser. If you were on a web site you find sensitive when this transpired you can continue this conversation on our Contact Staff section of the forum where only Admin's & Staff can view your correspondence. You do have that option available at your disposal. Best wishes, Ritchie...
  14. Got your PM regarding the issue too. Sent a reply.
  15. I agree, there is some info in the FAQ section that is quite out-dated & needs to be deleted regarding older builds.
  16. If that's the case then I have more questions than answers. Why did NoScript not advise me of the presence of tagmanager before the https change? That's strange. Either way, that non-essential script (in my opinion) will remain blocked on this computer.
  17. That is some "great news" for the forum! Something I've been hoping would happen for a while. Plus it's nice not to see the FF warnings. I do have some new concerns however. I had to allow a new script which is coming from content.invisioncic.com to be able to post new content. Is this brand new script associated with the https protocol? I am assuming & hope so since I created a permanent trusted/allow rule for it. Also, why is this site now using the googletagmanager.com script? "Can't say I like that very much!!!" This script is blocked since I personally don't like Google spying on my internet activity! "In fact, by default, NoScript has this script as an automatically untrusted, blocked object!" I know this script can be used for site analytic tags and other legit web site applications but it can also be used for gathering user tracking info (which can be shared between the original site & the Google analytic team, perfectly legal potential spyware in my opinion) which has always made me highly suspicious of it's intended use as it does with the NoScript crew as well. So I'm not alone there. If it's not needed with the new https protocol or the forum in general I would vote to get rid of the googletagmanager script all together. I'm sure, in the future, I won't be the only one that questions why this script is even being used on this site in the first place if it's not removed.
  18. Hi Venjill, here's a link that will explain how access your Win 10 error logs. There's actually several ways to access them and each method is explained in this article. https://windowsinstructed.com/access-windows-error-logs-windows/
  19. I know how that goes! I was also having problems with my modem about 2 years ago. The internet connection would drop out for no apparent reason, especially during inclement weather, and the the only way to restore it was to re-set the modem once again. After "numerous" customer service calls and finally several technician visits it was eventually discovered that the utility pole junction box leading to the house had a intermittent short that was especially susceptible to a lot of moisture or actual precipitation in the air. Plus my ISP upgraded my modem/router to a newer, better model. Once that was done everything was and still is good to go! I remember though how frustrating that could be if you were in the middle of doing something and suddenly you internet connection cuts out.
  20. This can be caused by a connectivity issue. Make sure that Immunet's two main processes (sfc.exe & iptray.exe) have unrestricted internet access. Make sure your firewall of choice or some other security product (another AV, a behavior blocker or sandboxing app) you may have installed is not blocking or interfering with these processes. Something you can check into.
  21. Hi Jon79, have you tried to add exclusion rules for Immmunet's processes which are sfc.exe, iptray.exe (and freshclam.exe if you have the ClamAV module enabled) to Win 10's Security Center? Info on how to create custom allow rule sets for Security Center can be found at this Microsoft Knowledge Base article if you're not sure how this is accomplished. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4028485/windows-10-add-an-exclusion-to-windows-security Regards, Ritchie...
  22. Something else to take into consideration is that Gaming Mode is automatically disabled after every re-boot. This is a "built in security feature" of Immunet, just in case a user forgot that Gaming Mode was still enabled.
  23. When Gaming Mode is enabled that just disables any pop-up messages from Immunet but it does not affect the level of protection provided according to the user's settings. No personal settings or Immunet's internet behavior changes except for how notifications are handled. Out of curiosity what was the problem you were having with that particular internet connection? Was it associated with a software package, your modem/router or possibly a VPN service? Cheers, Ritchie...
  24. For any user that experiences what they think may be a False Positive quarantine response we do encourage the use of our official False Positive reporting site at this link. http://www.immunet.com/false_positive Regards, Ritchie...
  25. Could you tell us what the Quarantine detection name is? Actually a screen grab of the little Immunet quarantine window would be very helpful if you can provide that.
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