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  1. Hey roomy, haven't seen you post anything in a while! A very valid point though. Something else consumers have to deal with unfortunately. Phone scammers never seem to stop regardless of the time of year either! I got a robo-call today saying that my electric utility has been overcharging me for months and that a refund was due. The call went on saying, press one if you want to hear this message again or press two to speak to a representative. So I pressed two (I love wasting these scammers time!). A male with a heavy accent from India came on the line, apologized for the overcharges and said they could send me a check in the mail. He said that could take up to two weeks but if I gave him my bank savings or checking account info they could just deposit it into my account within a few business days. Yeah right! I said I bet your family is real proud of you that you turned out to be a criminal and hung up, lol! Of course I knew it was a bogus call since at no time did the caller actually mention the utility company by name. Plus the electric bill even isn't in my name although I do pay for the land-line phone service.
  2. Sorry to hear you're having difficulties uninstalling Immunet. What version of Immunet do you currently have installed? The new 7.0.2 build? You can easily find out what version you have installed by mousing over "About" in the lower right side corner of the UI. Also, what is your Operating System?
  3. Thank you for reporting this juangnu, the screenshots were a great idea! Do you have an idea which Windows update is the culprit (KB?)? I will personally contact Administration right away regarding this. We do take any conflict with any Windows update very seriously! Regards, Ritchie...
  4. The Department of Homeland Security issued a rare public warning urging on-line shoppers to use a great deal of vigilance this holiday season! Black Friday's on-line sales was at a record high of about 4.1 billion dollars spent, I'm sure the bad guys have taken notice of this, and Cyber Monday is right around the corner too. Cyber crime always increases during the holiday season but there has been an "alarmingly noticeable increase" of reported incidents compared to last year. Here are some things you can do to protect yourself from becoming a victim of cyber crime. First of all it's not a bad idea to update your Antivirus software & run a malware scan of your Operating System drive before doing any holiday shopping. Then make sure your AV is kept up to date while doing your on-line shopping. If you have access to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) definitely use it whenever you do any on-line banking or shopping regardless of the time of year. When holiday shopping on-line make sure you don't end up on a bogus site that resembles the real thing. Fake websites are on the rise this year. Apple, Amazon, and Target are currently the most impersonated. Other big names in the same situation are Tiffany, Sony, Samsung, and Microsoft. Always look for the secure "HTTPS" URL header with the shopping site's Domain name. Almost all legitimate on-line retailers use these secure encryption protocols that protects your personal data that's being sent from your browser. Also look for Domain names for popular brands that have spelling errors or mistakes, even if using the HTTPS protocols or not (HTTP) these are not genuine. Consider using a major credit card for payment such as Visa or MasterCard, etc... instead of a bank debit card. If using a debit card your savings or checking account could be drained and, unless the criminals are actually caught, there's nothing much can be done about that. Most major credit card company's offer some form of reimbursement if it's discovered that you were a victim of scamming. Plus the big card company's have methods to detect & react to possible fraudulent use of your card number. Still check your card's account often for any unauthorized purchases and contact the card issuer right away if you suspect something is amiss. Another option would be to use PayPal or a similar secure web based payment service if the retailer accepts these types of payment methods. Email is also being used for phishing attempts, malware using attachments as an attack vector or to re-direct you to a malicious drive-by download site. Avoid opening any links or attachments that come from any unsolicited entity. Especially if it comes from a company or charity you never heard of or never done business with. Be very wary of so-called free giveaways, discounts or gift cards delivered to your in-box this holiday season. When in doubt, just delete them. Social media sites are also being targeted with possible malicious/phishing links offering such holiday themed giveaways, gift cards or discounts. So be wary of any links you click on while visiting social media sites as well. A little common sense can go a long way to keep you safe too. "If you see a bargain that seems too good to be true it probably is!" Best wishes, Ritchie...
  5. Hello juangnu, Did that 503 error start to occur after you installed a Windows 10 update? Is that correct?
  6. ritchie58

    UI Concepts

    Hi Andrew & Happy Thanksgiving! I agree it has been a while since Immunet had any major changes to the UI. Something I would really like to see incorporated into the Settings is the ability to up-scale the resolution for users that have 4k screens to make it more easily readable in the first place, besides any cosmetic stuff. Cheers, Ritchie...
  7. Great! Thanks for uploading the data & sending a PM! I would wait on what Rob says before you do anything further would be my suggestion.
  8. Did you contact Rob. Turner via Private Message and send him the Support Diagnostic Tool data yet? Tomorrow is the Thanksgiving holiday so because of this it may take a day or two before Rob reads your PM.
  9. "Season's Greetings!" "The Immunet team would like to wish everyone a safe & Happy Thanksgiving holiday!" With the bad weather occurring in many parts of the country I'm sure some folks ran into serious problems reaching their destination to visit loved ones & friends for the holiday. Best Wishes To All!
  10. We do have a dedicated site to report possible False Positives at this link. https://www.immunet.com/false_positive Also, since that's a ClamAV detection you can also report this "directly" to the ClamAV team here. http://www.clamav.net/reports/fp Cheers, Ritchie...
  11. I'm not sure if that .com address is routinely monitored or even in service anymore. Could you first send the support dump to this URL instead? https://cisco.app.box.com/upload-widget/view/49qv7p9e42t8w2dr0t9381anpbwuij4r/91014245949the Then Private Message the Administrator Rob. Turner at this Profile link and include all relevant information regarding what you're currently encountering in the PM. https://support.immunet.com/profile/1703-robturner/
  12. If you read the other threads to the topics you posted to you know the devs are "very aware" of this situation. Like I mentioned before I too would like to see a equatable resolution (no pun intended) implemented & thanks for bring up this continually unresolved issue for 4k users once again! I did delete your one thread to the other topic since it's pretty much a duplicate response. Please try to refrain from posting duplicate or similar data in different locations in the future. I'm sure you just wanted to get your point across, I get it. No harm done though, just a minor transgression to forum rules. Regards, Ritchie...
  13. I just checked my UI and the little informational windows for the Settings seem to be working just fine for me (that's with the VTN feature enabled). However, that window does appear to be associated with the Verbose Tray Notifications setting being enabled. Open Settings and scroll down to & click on the "Notifications Settings" tab -> make sure that the "Verbose Tray Notifications Setting" is TURNED OFF! This feature is for debugging & troubleshooting purposes only and should "normally remain disabled" unless instructed otherwise.
  14. Were you referring to creating a automatic Scheduled Scan with Immunet Neil? For anyone that's not sure how to create a Scheduled Scan with Immunet here are the instructions. First open the UI by clicking on the Sys Tray icon or the Immunet icon on your Desktop -> click on the "Settings" tab -> scroll down & click on the "Scan Settings" tab for the drop-down menu -> click on "Add New Scheduled Scan" -> in the drop down menu select the options you prefer for your scan -> click "Create" -> click "Apply" -> click "Close" and you have successfully created an automatic scan with Immunet. Personally I have Immunet set up to run just a "Flash Scan" every day as that scans the most vulnerable areas of your OS that malware likes to use as an attack vector. Plus the Flash Scan is very quick so it won't be using additional system resources in a prolonged manner. Best wishes, Ritchie...
  15. I guess I owe an apology actually. I thought, erroneously, you were getting no more error codes. In all honesty I've never heard of or seen a 0 error code before! Can't even find anything relevant on the web regarding this. Weird! Yeah, let us know if you encounter any more anomalous errors. Cheers, Ritchie...
  16. Hello Damokles and thank you for your interest in Immunet, Not sure what you mean by making a complete list. Immunet originally was strictly just a cloud based AV when it was first introduced. The draw back to that was Immunet had to have a constant internet connection for cloud based lookups during normal operation & during a scan. Also there was no off-line scanning capabilities. After the introduction of the open-sourced signature based ClamAV into the program that not only added an additional layer of off-line protection but also added the ability to run scans even if no internet connection is present as it works as a traditional downloaded malware definition signature based AV. You can use just the scalable multi-threaded ClamAV scripting code http://www.clamav.net/ as an automatic or on-demand AV scanner & a email gateway scanner for instance. ClamAV does not have a UI in the traditional sense since everything is handled through Command Line scripts. Of course Immunet provides a traditional UI to users without the need for advanced technical skills to configure or use since ClamAV's scripts are integrated into Immunet's program code via the ClamAV module. Immunet can be used as a "stand-alone" AV solution. If used in this manner it is recommended that the ClamAV module & updates for it be enabled. If Immunet is used as a companion AV to a compatible paid product it is recommended that the ClamAV module remain disabled. This improves the amount of system resources being used. Immunet will work with Defender. Using them both should provide good malware protection for the average user. In fact Immunet has, by default, an exclusion for Defender for improved compatibility. If using Immunet with Defender I would consider "not disabling" the ClamAV module for the reasons described below. Adding an exclusion/exception rule to Defender for Immunet's Program Files folder is also very highly recommended. That way they recognize each other as safe programs and goes a long way in avoiding possible future conflicts. If I "had to choose" one or the other I would definitely go with Immunet over Defender. Microsoft even admits that Defender is meant for users that don't have or don't want to use a different AV solution. Although some improvements have been made with newer builds Defender still is not a stellar anti-malware program as it provides basic protection. The Plus version of Immunet is no longer available. Immunet Protect Free is just like the name implies, it's totally free for individual/home or private network use and for "non-profit" charitable or educational organizations! Immunet is not licensed for any "for profit" business, service, organization or product. If it's found that Immunet is being used in such a manner no support will be offered. This information is included in the End User License Agreement (EULA) when first installing Immunet. We recommend that any for-profit entities use Immunet's paid Enterprise version called AMP for Endpoints. https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/collateral/security/fireamp-endpoints/datasheet-c78-733181.html I hope this answers your questions. Regards, Ritchie...
  17. Hello bellgamin, I am glad that my fears were unfounded regarding Immunet being completely scraped when I first posted this topic. The decision to eliminate the Plus (paid) version of Immunet had me concerned once again at the time though. Why mess with a money maker, that didn't make any sense to me. It was explained to me that an Enterprise version of Immunet designed for multiple end-point environments was being developed. It was decided that to continue supporting the Plus version and continue R&D for what would become FireAMP Connector (the name has been changed to AMP for Endpoints) was just to too costly & time consuming for the development team. The logic was if a user that liked the Plus version could use AMP instead. Although AMP is designed primarily for server based business, educational or institutional use it can be configured for private network/home use too. I was given a free one year license a while back just to check it out for myself. I did put forth the idea of issuing a new Immunet Plus version that would include a secure VPN service. VPN services are very popular right now because of more folks are doing on-line shopping, banking or using sites where sensitive data is sent then ever! VPN's make it virtually impossible for your browser activity to be snooped on by hackers, spyware, rootkits, malware, etc... Cheers, Ritchie...
  18. ritchie58

    UI Concepts

    Yeah, I especially like the CPU & memory bar graphs better on this one! Plus the illuminated Scan Now & Update Now buttons have a somewhat three-d effect which is a nice touch too. Great job on all of those examples Marcin! Just out of my own curiosity what software program are you using to create these images? I doubt you used the very basic, limited functionality, Windows Paint. Adobe Photoshop maybe?
  19. There have been other users reporting conflicts with the Steam gaming software & Immunet. That's why it's recommended to create a custom Exclusion rule for Steam's entire Program Files folder. That should eliminate any further False Positives.
  20. Hey dallas7, glad to here from you again too! Just wish it was under different circumstances. Glad to hear you received no errors today! Rest assured these 503 errors don't have anything to do with your browser of choice or your OS. It's a problem on the server side of things that I thought had been looked into & fixed. Let us know if you continue to encounter any more error codes. Best wishes, Ritchie...
  21. Have you updated to the new 7.0.2 version? Some improvements were made to make Immunet more stable. The update should be pushed to you through the UI, just click on the Update Now button or here's a download link to to the newest installer package if you wish to install manually. https://download.immunet.com/binaries/immunet/bin/ImmunetSetup.exe
  22. As far as I know there is no other way to delete these protected exclusions unfortunately.
  23. ritchie58

    UI Concepts

    Some interesting images you created Marcin! The third, darker UI or something similar in design would get my vote.
  24. To include the ability to lock the UI with a password is not a bad idea in my view! If the computer is used by multiple people (especially if kids are present) in the household that could prove to be beneficial. Actually Immunet's enterprise version called Amp for Endpoints uses an on-line console instead of a traditional UI. This ensures that no unauthorized personal can make any changes unless one knows the user name & password to the console.
  25. If/when Immunet gets a face lift I hope that a provision is made to allow users that have 4k screen resolutions to easily view the User Interface. This is still an ongoing issue for these folks.
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