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  1. Thanks for the feedback regarding your OS Rosetta. Much appreciated!

    Here's a few suggestions that may help with the slowdown.

    You could experiment a bit with the settings. Especially if you're using some other security products other than Immunet try disabling Monitor Program Start.

    If you don't regularly install new software on your computer you could also try disabling Blocking Mode.

    If you're running Immunet as a companion AV to another "paid" AV product then disable the ClamAV module & updates for it. Also create Exclusion rules for both respective AV's Program Files folder. Immunet has a number of major players AV's excluded by default already so check that list first.

    Regardless which settings you use or don't use it's always best to leave the ETHOS & SPERO cloud engines enabled!

    Best wishes, Ritchie...

  2. Hi Rosetta,

    I'm glad a reinstall worked for you but that is still strange that happened! I was pretty sure that your internal computer clock was messed up and that was the cause but perhaps that wasn't the case after all.

    What is your Operating System in case someone else reports a similar incident? That could be useful.

    Still not a bad idea to check your BIOS clock to make absolutely sure it's synchronized to the correct time/date for your area I think. If that happened to me that's the "first" thing I would have checked.

    The cloud stats not displaying correctly is known by the devs. There is supposed to be a new build rolled-out sometime in June that will (hopefully) address that issue.

    Here's a link to the Announcements section that has the 7.2.8 change log you were interested in. https://support.immunet.com/topic/7436-new-release-immunet-728/

    Regards, Ritchie...

  3. Speaking of time. Here's a "free app" I like to use called Atomic TimeSync. If used correctly, it will keep your computer clock accurately synchronized.  https://www.softpedia.com/get/Desktop-Enhancements/Clocks-Time-Management/Atomic-TimeSync.shtml

    I have it configured to access one of the servers for the National Institute of Standards and Technology atomic clocks. Nothing's more accurate than an atomic clock.

    Of course there will be a few seconds of discrepancy as the NIST server & your ISP server shake hands and relay the data to your computer.

  4. I have to say that I'm happy that the quarantine response settings & the cloud stats will be functionally restored "eventually!" I guess we'll all have to use a little more patience until the new build is rolled-out.

    I do hope the update issue that users are encountering is addressed also.

    With the absence of an answer to my question, I have to assume Rob T. is no longer involved with the project would be a logical assumption on my part I think. If that's the case then his expert involvement will be sorely missed by me anyway.

    Best wishes, Ritchie...


  5. Hi 4tygrit,

    You're not the only one experiencing update problems with Immunet presently. After folks upgraded to version 7.2.8 the UI cloud stats no longer displayed correctly and also there's reports of Immunet not letting updates to be installed. Your guess is as good as mine as to why these issues are not being looked into in a timely manner!

    The admin. Rob T. was helping out on the forum but he's been M.I.A. for more than a month now.

    There's only so much I can do being the moderator for this site. These issues need to be looked into on the server side of things. Something I can't do.

    "It's really starting to bum me out that support for Immunet is seemingly being completely neglected at this time to be perfectly honest with you!"

    Regards, Ritchie...




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  6. On this Memorial Day the Immunet team would like to give a sincere, heartfelt thanks for your service to all U.S. Military personal both past & presently deployed.

    Especially those that paid the ultimate sacrifice to safeguard our freedom, democracy and way of life will never be forgotten by us!



    "Happy Memorial Day everyone!"

  7. Hi Tony,

    It would have better if you posted this on one of the already related topics to this subject.

    I don't know why it's taking so long to correct this cloud stat bug. There's also people experiencing update issues that also continues to go unresolved.

    Being the forum moderator for this site I work from home and do not have direct access to the servers. These issues need to be looked at by a administrator or developer.

  8. I here what you're saying.

    It was quite the debacle when the NSA's EternalBlue project was leaked. Not long after that the WannaCry ransomware emerged using a Zero-Day Vulnerability in Windows Operating Systems back in 2017.

    Unfortunately this code still exists on the dark web and can be easily modified to produce new ransomware variants by hackers to this day.

  9. There's even been recent reports of hackers targeting hospitals & medical facilities associated with covid-19 research (and not just in this country), attempting to or succeeding in, infecting there servers with ransomware.

    "That's about as low as you can go in my opinion considering that there's a world-wide pandemic still going on!" "What a bunch of heartless, self-centered, greedy 'SCUMBAG CRIMINALS' they must be!" That does really p*ss me off as it should any law-abiding citizen.

  10. Thanks for the additional feedback guys. Much appreciated! Yeah, I also think there's something else going on as far as this recent update issue is concerned!

    If it's associated with the (still unresolved) issue with the cloud stats not being displayed correctly since the release of version 7.2.8 is a "troubling hypothesis!" I guess one can't rule that coloration out at this time given the current circumstances.

    I wish a dev or admin could shed some light on this/these issue(s) too!

    Best wishes, Ritchie...


  11. There was a paid version of Immunet called Immunet Plus that included the TETRA module that's only now available with AMP for Endpoints which is Immunet's enterprise version btw.

    I haven't heard of a new paid version being developed to be honest with you.

    I did offer the idea of including a secure VPN service with a new paid version of Immunet a while back. With the popularity of VPN services I still think that's not a bad idea!

  12. Some forum users pointed out that the quarantine/suspicious file behavior settings have either been eliminated from the UI or are not being displayed (a bug?)

    Personally speaking I like to be able to decide for myself what to do when a file is quarantined using the "Ask Me" setting. I find that rather disconcerting that these options are no longer present!

    Also, any ETA as to when the Cloud Stats server issue will be fixed?

  13. Wow! You guys are right! The UI settings for the quarantine or suspicious file behavior has indeed disappeared for this 7.2.8 build!

    I have no clue why that's not present or have been eliminated from the settings. Is it a code change to the program or just some sort of bug? "Either way I don't find that very cool either!!!"

    That's something an admin or dev will have to answer as to why this decision was made to eliminate those settings (or if it's just a bug with this build that needs fixed).

    Those settings definitely need to be returned to users!

    I had those settings set to "Ask Me" in the last build myself too.


  14. Hi john,

    I wouldn't recommend you try to change any of Immunet's file paths. That could have detrimental effects with the software.

    On this new build I only had to create a new allow rule with my firewall for sfc.exe. Like I said in the last Announcement post that it's not that uncommon to have to create a new allow rule or two with your firewall when a new build is installed.

    Personally I don't find that a big hassle but I can see where some folks might find that a little disconcerting.

    Cheers, Ritchie...

  15. Thanks for your astute observation gogos888! When I updated to the newest version last night I didn't even notice that was occurring myself until you pointed it out!

    I've seen this happen before when a new build is rolled out. It's just a temporary server issue that needs to be looked into & fixed.

    Rest assured that this minor issue doesn't affect the protection that Immunet provides users. It only has to do with how the stats currently are being displayed with the UI.

    Regards, Ritchie...

  16. I'd like to report that the 7.2.8 upgrade through the UI took place with no problems. No reboot necessary! Great job on that guys!

    I did have to create a new allow rule with my firewall for sfc.exe but that's not uncommon behavior when a new build is installed.

    Some impressive changes have been made!

    A personal thanks to nirmeshptl for including a detailed change log with this announcement! Something I've been suggesting in the past when a new build is publicly rolled out.

    Best wishes, Ritchie...

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