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  1. Hi cyrille, that's not a silly question at all but Wookiee is absolutely correct. If an AV company wants to submit their product for testing, by AV-Comparatives for example, it can be very costly! That's because most testing labs will set up test rigs for every Operating System that the AV product supports. That takes time, money & manpower to implement. That would be cool if Immunet could go up against some of the major player's products just to see how well it compares. Especially if the The ClamAV module is used along with the ETHOS & SPERO cloud detection engines during testing "it wouldn't surprise me one iota that it would out-perform some popular paid products in efficacy!"
  2. Hi Urban Haka, Immunet does have a verbose logging feature. If you would like to enable that and send the Support Diagnostic Tool logs to Wookiee (via Personal Message) that could possibly prove to be beneficial! Here's how to enable Immunet's Verbose Tray Notifications. Open the UI and click on Settings -> scroll down to the Notifications Settings bar and click on that -> turn Verbose Tray Notifications to the ON position -> click Apply. After VTN is enabled be forewarned that you will start getting "many more" pop-up messages from Immunet. This is normal behavior when this debugging feature is enabled. Regards, Ritchie... P.S. - For anyone else that reads this thread please do not needlessly turn on Verbose Tray Notifications unless instructed to do so as this feature is used only for troubleshooting & debugging purposes. That's unless you don't mind dealing with a plethora of pop-up messages from Immunet!
  3. Hello again Parai, if you're worried about too many log files being created rest assured that Immunet is designed to automatically delete old or outdated info so precious HD or SSD space isn't needlessly hogged up by unnecessary log files. Also keep in mind that with any quarantined file you do have the option of restoring (if it's a true False Positive) or permanently deleting the file from your system. If Immunet can't delete any quarantined files that "usually is not a good thing!" It means that most likely you already had active malware running on your system before installing Immunet. As I mentioned before old history files will eventually get automatically deleted. I would recommend you don't try to delete the current files as those "can be used" by the devs for troubleshooting or debugging purposes. Cheers, Ritchie...
  4. Hi guys, there have been a "number of reports" of Immunet causing excessive CPU usage with some Win 10 users recently! However, I can tell you with all honesty that the devs "are aware of the situation & are diligently working on" a solution. Once the cause is recognized & is corrected steps will take place. It could be a simple update through the UI or even an entirely new bug fix build might be rolled-out soon. Sorry for the inconvenience this is causing anyone. Regards, Ritchie...
  5. Another thing that you could do is see if you have any bad sectors on your Hard Drive. The easiest way to do this is by using DOS commands. Here's how. First close any open programs (including the browser you're using right now, so write these instructions down if need be) including any non-essential third-party start-up programs. Type cmd in the search bar and click on the little cmd icon, this will open a small DOS window -> exactly type chkdsk and press Enter. This will launch the Windows Check Disk Utility that will search your drive for any errors & even attempt repairs if possible. If chkdsk does discover any bad sectors that can't be repaired that doesn't usually bode well for the the reliability and/or overall health of the drive itself.
  6. This is a recurring issue that some users of Win 10 are seeing. The devs are now very aware of this issue and are working to resolve the excessive CPU usage. I'm sure a new bug fix build will be rolled-out soon that will address this. Sorry for any inconvenience this is causing.
  7. Hello Parai & welcome to the Immunet forum, any support issue dealing with possible bugs is taken "very seriously" & are usually dealt with in a timely manner is what I recollect from my experience of using Immunet over the years. Feel free to start a new topic in the Support (Issues & Defects) section of the forum if you encounter what you may think is a new bug. In fact, we encourage that input from users just to make the product that much better. Immunet uses a bootstrapper installer that requires an internet connection during the install process so you will get the newest 6.2.4 version, which I would "definitely" recommend you use. You can download the newest installer by clicking on this link here. https://download.immunet.com/binaries/immunet/bin/ImmunetSetup.exe Please note: Immunet no longer supports Windows XP or Vista so I hope you're not using one of these older Operating Systems. Cheers, Ritchie...
  8. I too would like to see the UI get a bit of a facelift to perhaps a more up to date, modern look to it. That's if no current UI features have to sacrificed in the process would be my suggestion. Another consideration, making it "so new & complicated" as to confuse users would definitely be counter-productive!
  9. First of all that is an "out-dated build" of Immunet (seen it, this vid is old). The current version is This video has absolutely no current validity since it doesn't relate to the newest build. Secondly, there have also been some recent infrastructure changes that will help in defeating the spread of such malware more aggressively within the Immunet cloud community.
  10. Hi Venjill, if you create trusted/allow rules for Immunet's processes, which are sfc.exe, iptray.exe (& freshclam.exe if you use the ClamAV module) that should resolve any issues you have with your firewall. Also, make sure these processes have unencumbered internet access included with the allow rules. If you need assistance at how to create these rules with your firewall feel free to "Personal Message" me and I'd be happy to help out. It's up to you, you can just add an additional thread to this topic if you'd rather do that. The first question would be what firewall are you using, Windows Firewall or some other third-party software? Best wishes, Ritchie...
  11. That is rather disconcerting! Have there already been any actual quarantine response(s) to any file(s) related to Office? To check, just open the UI and click on the underlined word Quarantine.
  12. What is your Operating System & the version of Immunet being used? Just mouse over About in the lower right hand corner and that will tell you what build you have. One thing that may cause an incomplete start if you have a program that's not allowing one or both of Immunet's processes (sfc.exe & iptray.exe) to function properly. Make sure that your firewall or other installed security software does not interfere with these two processes including both outgoing & incoming internet connections.
  13. You can connect a Apple iOS device to a Macintosh computer but that OS is definitely not supported by Immunet, only Windows platforms. There was talk of possibly developing an Immunet app for smart phones a few years back but as far as I know that idea never went anywhere! Still, an interesting idea though.
  14. The problem with most rootkits is that they generally use some sort of advanced encryption method which usually makes 'em hard to detect let alone access & read. So it wouldn't surprise me if HexaPro was unable to submit any SHA256 or MD5 checksum(s) hash tag(s). Besides Immunet it never hurts to have an additional on-demand rootkit scanner at your disposal! Speaking of such... Malwarebytes has a new beta "CMD based on-demand rootkit scanner" available that looks rather promising. They're also looking for beta testers with (preferably) virtual test rigs for anyone that's into that sort of thing. As with any beta software please read the legal Disclaimer documentation carefully before use. Not 100% sure if it's compatible with Server 2008 R2 however. https://www.malwarebytes.com/antirootkit/
  15. With the directories being affected it's very similar behavior to what a rootkit keylogger might exhibit.
  16. Yup, got the installer to download with no problems & got 'er successfully installed! Piriform already issued a new build. What I got with the installer was version 5.55.7108. Mmm, usually a software vendor doesn't release a new build that quick unless it's some sort of priority bug fix. Makes me wonder if Immunet was but just one in a list of AV products that had problems with that installer. Cheers, Ritchie...
  17. Hello again Aris. Sorry to hear you're having another issue so soon! In Settings, do you have "Monitor Network Settings" enabled? This setting does monitor your network connections for zero-day vulnerabilities and any possibly malicious hosts. It's up to the user of course but personally I leave this setting disabled as I already had a third-party app that does the same thing before this feature was added.
  18. I'm still using Win 7, sorry about the misunderstanding. I forgot that with Win 10 All Programs have been renamed to "All Apps" but the procedure is the same unless you've done a lot of personalization to your Taskbar. Using imgur links for images is acceptable on this forum but I'm "not referring to Immunet's Program Files" directory however. Click on the Start button then all apps, find Immunet's folder icon and click on it, select the Support Diagnostic Tool icon from the list & click on that. If there is no Start button (some builds of 10 have no start button, it has to be added manually) or you still can’t find the Immunet icon in the All Apps listings use the search box on the Taskbar, type immunet. If there is also no Taskbar search box simply press the Windows key on your keyboard and start typing.
  19. Thanks for looking into this Rob! Actually forum member Aris deserves the credit for reporting this first. Could you let us know when it's fixed since it's been a while since I updated CCleaner and would like to install this new build myself.
  20. I agree with you, you do have a killer system and Immunet should not be slowing things down to a snail's pace like that! I'm sure you've already done scans to rule out malware causing this so my next suggestion would be to submit a Support Diagnostic Tool report for analysis. First open the All Programs directory -> find the Immunet folder & click on it -> click on Support Diagnostic Tool -> this will create a zip file to your desktop. Then could you send that zip file as an attachment using the Forum's Personal Messenger feature to the Administrator Wookiee. Include a brief description of the issue & also mention that you started this topic in the Immunet Support (Issues & Defects) section. Wookiee works directly with the development team so he would be better suited to further help you because I'm at a loss as what's going on with your rig! Here's a link to Wookiee's profile page. Just click on the Message button but don't forget to log in first. https://support.immunet.com/profile/46674-wookiee/ Best wishes, Ritchie...
  21. Immunet is quarantining CCleaner's newest 5.54 installer package with this PUA.Win.Trojan.Generic::95.sbx.tg quarantine response (see image). I tried to restore the installer but that doesn't work. At first I couldn't even download it but I managed to get the installer downloaded using the restore feature but as soon as you click on the installer to start the installation you get yet another quarantine and the installer package disappears. Tried again to download the installer after restoring the installer package, got it downloaded that way only to get another quarantine while trying to install & the package disappears even though I restored those files last time to no avail. No matter the the amount of restoration you CAN NOT get this to install not to mention the hassle just to get the installer to download. The installer package was downloaded from the official Piriform site here. https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download
  22. It would have been better if you posted this in the False Positives section but you're right Aris & thanks for bringing this to our attention. I'm going to report this in the False Positives section since it doesn't matter if you restore the files to the installer package, Immunet will still prevent you from installing CCleaner with yet another quarantine response. No amount of restoring files seems to work! That sucks!
  23. I thought maybe it might be temp files related to the games you play being scanned but if it's more random than that we can probably rule that out as the "primary" cause. However, there have been times when we have advised users to create a Exclusion rule for a game's entire Program Files folder. That's something you can try to see if that helps at all. Not sure how to create an Exclusion? Let me know and I can give you detailed instructions. Do you have any programs that constantly or frequently write to disk? One example would be a system backup/OS mirroring software package. That can also cause the behavior you're seeing as Immunet scans the backup files as they're being created & moved the the backup directory.
  24. Thanks for the concise, detailed report. I wish more forum members were as conscientious! You mentioned your rig is used primarily for gaming. Does this spike in CPU cycles generally happen while you're actively participating in a game? Or is it more of a overall random occurrence in your opinion?
  25. Hi Tim, is there a particular browser that you're using associated with this htm file quarantine response? If so, which browser was it? Ordinarily htm & html data files are related to a open browser. If you were on a web site you find sensitive when this transpired you can continue this conversation on our Contact Staff section of the forum where only Admin's & Staff can view your correspondence. You do have that option available at your disposal. Best wishes, Ritchie...
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