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  1. I am not sure whether we can consider it as brochure, but here it is: https://na8.salesforce.com/sfc/p/80000000dRH9QwYigCR90QI39dx6wrObn3O6p68= Gives nice overview of the Immunet Protect software and it's abilities Just though you want to read it (if you haven't) 5+ explanation!
  2. I hope the best and think that Immunet staff is working hard in order to release 3.0.2 with lots of bugs fixed.
  3. Got to admit it's brilliant IMO ! Keep up that good work.
  4. I removed old version, rebooted, and installed new one.
  5. Thanks for that! Upgraded from latest beta. Seems OK so far ^^ // Imo you should remove the right advertisement. There is no need for two of them.
  6. Interesting article, as always! I enjoy reading technical stuff. Keep it coming!
  7. Are there any news? I've seen some Spero detections myself. Looks like detections are improving fast
  8. Excellent! Thanks! I'll make a announcement in my site.
  9. Congratulations!!! You guys have greated a free companion antivirus that really has potential ^^
  10. That is awesome! Lets hope it's growing even faster
  11. Private community is good thing. Like when you set up a computer or something, and want to add IMP as extra protection, you can add that computer to your community. By that, you are able to see if there is any malware detected on that system. Private communities are nice
  12. Lord Ami

    Browser Protection

    Name: Immunet WebProtect? Do you plan to add reputation system or bad URLs etc are managed only by Immunet itself? I think it should be simple add-on, but I don't know more...there are many examples of these tools (WOT, Linkscanner etc) Also, do yo plan to use cloud to detect malware hosting sites etc?
  13. Lord Ami

    Browser Protection

    I have never found toolbars on my browser I just don't like them in general. What about addition to Immunet Protect itself? Like WOT has. Something similar. Or you want toolbar?
  14. + add Estonian flag And many others too I think.
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