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  1. Thanks RobT. Procedure worked. Bug resolved. Minor point, my version appeared to be 5970 but I suspect that it had been updated but the "About" window does not reflect this. It is still 5970. Regards Artedge
  2. Thanks for responses. No problem with Beta version as I installed version 3 only. Initially I used Free version for about 1 month and ran it in parallel with Trend Security. I then uninstalled Trend and purchase the Plus license. I activated the various additional options relating to "Plus". The updates including ClamAV and Tetra signatures downloaded normal. Since then there have been further updates but the "Last UpDate" date do not acknowledge this. I am pretty sure that my program is updated because when I repeat the "Fix It" command, a window appears, checks with Immunet site and advises me that I am up to date! I guess I will remain confident and wait until the next program update rectifies this minor bug.
  3. When I select "UP DATE NOW" option, Immunet 3.0 contacts your system and then updates if necessary. Problem is that the program window does not record this updating and remains indicating "NOT UP DATED" below the standard exclamation symbol. The date and time are also not updated. I have just updated (program indicated signatures updating) and the time/date is 14/04/2011 8:25AM. The program still indicates 3/04/2011 6:19:15PM Operating System: Windows XP Professional SP3 Program version: Internet: DSL plus Active: Ethos, Spero & Tetra are ON. ClamAV is OFF. Monitor Program Install and Monitor Program Start are OFF. Blocking mode is ON. Cloud Notifications is ON. Any suggestions to rectify this problem?
  4. The Guide is very good considering that version 3 has only just been released. I generally "print" such files to a .pdf file for quick easy reference. Unfortunately the file has been formated in such a way that it will only print (.pdf or hard copy) if printing is set for landscape. How about adding a guidance note to this effect or adjust so that normal portait mode can be used?
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