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  1. Great, thank you. I am very pleased with Immunet. I had scanned with Avira Premium, SAS, MBAM (free), Hitman Pro (free), and the on-line scanner of F-Secure (free), all excellent products, but none of them detected the 15 Trojans still in my spam folder.
  2. HI! Immunet had discovered a series of Trojan horses in my Opera email client. They were in email attachments in my spam folder, old spam emails which I had forgotten to delete. By mistake I had restored one of them from Immunet's quarantine, but it is not in my spam folder, and scanning again did not find it. So I wonder if I could undo that restore, so that it might be flagged as malware again.
  3. You're welcome and thank you. Now that we're at it, Avira reported this: Virus or unwanted program 'TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen [trojan]' detected in file 'C:\Program Files\Immunet\clamav\temp\clamtmp\clamav-ba17ba05d6e6a060c66a8d1f2d0a08b4. I guess for this I have to go to Avira... which I will do right now.
  4. Thank you! I also just saw on my Online Armor firewall monitor that data were send to "AMAZONAWS.COM" Among other things this company provides "AntiFraud Solutions." http://cqcounter.com/whois/?query=amazonaws.com Also: "CloudFormation." http://aws.amazon.com/ Would this be related to Immunet?
  5. HI, I had not utilized this marvelous AV for some time, but just re-installed it. During the scan it reported as malware and quarantined "HiJackThis.msi". As far as I know this is the installer for HijackThis. I had it restored. If I was mistaken, and this would not be a false positive, I would like to know, if possible. Otherwise I'll trust it was just my HijackThis installer.
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