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  1. Same problem here. I can't log into my Immunet becouse of an unexpected error. I also have a problem with running a scan since Immunet isent running, but the icon is up, and I have tried to restart it not reinstalled it. What kind of information do support@immunet.com need to help me? Jorgen
  2. Solved the connection problem with this solution, with more like an accident then knowledge: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3297 By the way this did not solve my problems with Itunes... 8) Jorgen
  3. I started with no one, anf then I got some from the immunet developing team. Now I have several from around the globe, and I do not feel so alone in here. I do not seem able to convince me friends and family to install Immunet... So I must relay on foreigners to protect my back out there... Jorgen
  4. Immunet Plus will not connect, and it says that it is updated and that is impressive since it is not connected. It will not scann since it is not connected. I can not sett an automatic scan since I am not connected, it cant be because I am not on the internett since I am posting here. Do any one have a suggestion for a solution? Jorgen
  5. Same here, I am also Norwegian. PM me... Jorgen
  6. Hello, I am trying to add an sceduled scan, but cant remeber my password. This means that I can't do it... I have search the forum and see that this sceduled scan logg inn problem has been reporten atleast since july, and been talkad about solve din new version since august. When can we expect a solution to this problem? Jorgen
  7. The only thing that Norton is discovering at the moment is Tracking cookies in my machine, and at that doing a much better jobb then Immunet . Is tracking cookies a malware or is is annoying ware ? Jorgen
  8. Should not Immunet have a option for scanning out going e-mails, and then add an siganture with " this mail is scanned with Immunet ....". Like other e-mails I get from friends with other anti virus programs to show there contacts that they take anti-virus serious and spread the word of an superior product around? Jorgen
  9. Thats the problem, I do not hva it any more, becuse my pc went down before my backup took a copy. Do this mean that I have to buy a new copy? I have logged in before, and downloaded it, but now the logg inn procedure do not recognise me. Jorgen
  10. I had a total collaps of my pc, and need to reconstruct the registration key for Immunet Plus. How do I do it? Jorgen
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